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Cables: Connect internally to sign to allow wired communication with PC equipped with SafetyCalm software.

  • RS-232 communication cable for iQ DFB signs. Requires USB adapter for use on PC with no RS-232 port.
  • RS-232 communication cable for legacy 15” iQ DFB Sign. Requires PC with RS-232 port

Brackets: Pole-side brackets for expanded, multi-site mobility; 2-bolt design makes removal and installation quick and easy.

  • 9” iQ Sign bracket (015-02331-0000)
  • 9” Value and all Portable Sign bracket (015-02985-0000)
  • 12” all Sign bracket (015-02991-0000)

SafetyCalm Android App: Feature-rich mobile complement to the SafetyCalm software. Capabilities include fully-featured configuration interface, schedule uploading, speed log downloading, and more.  Compatible with Android devices, including tablets.