Specific Solutions For Residential Speeding

Despite an all time peak in public awareness, speeding still represents the most dangerous cause of accidents on today’s roads. Neighborhoods that experience chronic high average speeds typically report the safety of children, pedestrians, and bicyclists chief among their concerns. Statistically (and logically), speeding increases risk of accidents and injuries across the board.

Speeding is among a group of related traffic issues that pose increased safety concerns including aggressive driving, failure to obey posted signs and traffic signals, and drunk driving. Since 2001, TraffiCalm has engineered specific technology to raise awareness to the existing regulation.

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TraffiCalm Offers Three Options For Calming Drivers In Any Neighborhood


The TraffiCalm™ Speed Compliance System provides an unprecedented approach to slowing speeding drivers. The controller receives input from a radar option to provide active flashing of the existing regulatory speed sign. The Basic Controller provides exceptional variability of blinking patterns and speed threshold settings, all from any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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9in Portable Value

Engineered to the same exacting standards as our IQ series of speed signs, our Value series presents an easy but effective entry into driver feedback technology. Basic features mean fast setup without the need for a laptop or tablet. Value signs deliver concise flashing feedback to drivers based on radar detection of their real speeds. Functional down to 1 mph (1 Kph), Value signs work best where speed limits are low and safety is paramount. 

Two Options Available:

9″ Value Feedback Sign

12″ Value Feedback Sign

The pinnacle of speed reduction technology, the iQ series of signs display proven calming messages to speeding drivers. Unlike public roadways, HOAs can use our “creative” feature set to reward non-violators with a smile, or, conversely, warn violators with a frown. Advanced display options include a rapid flashing, strobing measured speed, and even the message “SLOW DOWN,” all rendered in Highway Gothic font for maximum visibility and uniformity with every other roadway sign. Additional features included at no extra cost: SafetyCalm Data Collection and Reporting software and real-time scheduling.

Four Options Available

iQ900 (for 25mph/40kph speed zones)

iQ1200 (for 35mph/60kph speed zones)

iQ1500 (for 45mph/70kph speed zones)

iQ1800 (for 70mph/100kph+ speed zones)

Nationwide, TraffiCalm™ Driver Feedback Signs Continue To Be The Residential Choice.

Popular Driver Feedback Options

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We make Portability Easy!

Street Series carrying_bag9Sometimes there are multiple locations within a Residential Community that require speed awareness.  The portability of our Driver Feedback Signs makes it easy and affordable to cover multiple locations with 1 or 2 signs.

Additional sign pole brackets can be purchased and placed at all locations where the sign would potentially be used.  Our 2-Bolt mounting system easily allows the sign to be removed from its existing bracket, taken to the new location and secured to the new mounting bracket.