Driver perceptions and actions are a significant contributory factor to collisions in Work Zones.  Speed is the number one cause of deaths in the Work Zone.  In this regard the PREVENT study stated that ‘the most consistent finding is that speeding is common at roadworks… (and)…the majority of drivers drive too fast when approaching a Work Zone.  A study in France demonstrated that 44% of motorists were speeding in the vicinity of road works (excess speed at least 20 km/h) while 20% were failed to ensure the provision of safe distances with other vehicles.  Motorists fail to realize the extent of their vulnerability or to perceive the increased risk presented by the presence of workers on or adjacent to roads.

The cause of real concern regarding driver behavior is the fact that drivers believe that they take sufficient caution. ‘Experimental studies have shown that the majority of drivers, in fact, approach Work Zones driving too fast for the circumstances, and usually well above the posted speed limit. Moreover they do not decelerate until just before an abrupt change in the conditions…and then in an extremely abrupt manner.

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TraffiCalm’s iQ1500 Work  Zone Driver Feedback Signs offer solutions for increasing driver speed awareness and road safety in the extremely dangerous arena of Work Zones.  This pole mounted sign features bright 15” characters that can be seen from up to 1,500’ away, and will help increase driver speed awareness and better protects road construction workers. This iQ Series sign includes SafetyCalm™ configuration and data collection software allows you to gather hard data of traffic patterns and program the sign from the Bluetooth connection on your laptop.

TraffiCalm Work Zone Driver Feedback Signs are manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, meeting and exceeding industry standards and state testing requirements. The iQ1500 Signs are UL/ULC listed for electric code compliance. TraffiCalm signs are unmatched in durability, accuracy, ease of use and affordability.

Model M75-15DFB-U003 

Also configurable as VSL Sign

TC Mini WZ

TC Mini Display Trailer is an extremely portable option for Work Zones that do not offer much in the way of space

** Shown with the iQ1500 Full Matrix Driver Feedback Sign

TC Mini_logo

Sign Alert for the Work Zone


Sign Alert™ now offers sign enhancement for the work zone.  The attractive part of the system allows you to keep your sign.  LED Flasher Rings mount directly to the face of a sign with VHB tape or mechanical fasteners.

Construction Ahead

Standard MUTCD Construction Sign

Ped Crossing - Flasher ONLY

48″ LED Flasher Ring


Two Sign Alert Systems available to meet your requirements and special conditions:

Sign Alert “Basic System”    This is a 24/7 operating system which comes complete with 20W Solar Kit (AC Power Supply available), Fully Potted and Sealed Battery and Flash Controller and 5 year complete system warranty.

Sign Alert “Advanced”    A full radar activated system that also enables the user to program all speed threshholds through Bluetooth programming.  This system comes complete with Radar, 20W Solar Kit (AC Power Supply available), Fully Potted and Sealed Battery and Flash Controller and 3 year complete system warranty.

Slow Blind Curve Ahead

Standard MUTCD Caution Sign

Ped Crossing - Flasher ONLY

48″ LED Flasher Ring

More Sign Alert Information
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