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Phone: 855-738-2722

Who Is TraffiCalm.
Under a private label agreement, our parent company manufactured the first driver feedback signs for 3M Traffic Safety Systems in 2001. And our team, which has been together for two decades, has since continued the responsibility of designing practical, affordable, and reliable traffic solutions. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and quality. Our engineering team is dedicated to designing cost-effective solutions, with the end result of fabricating driver feedback and variable speed limit signs that withstand adverse conditions, deliver results above and beyond required government certifications, and exemplify efficiency. From neighborhoods to educational corridors, from work zones to highways, we are committed to protecting drivers, pedestrians and property. Our dedication to safety and quality encourages us to instill excellence into everything we do and it is found in every circuit we solder, every email we send, and every driver feedback sign we ship is another road made safer. At TraffiCalm, we seek to provide ideal solutions to your traffic challenges, from finding the right traffic calming product, to helping you gain funding for implementing traffic calming measures, to even recommending installation contractors for your region.