It is always good to be thinking about traffic calming actions, but in order to decide what sort of solution is right you need to first come to a conclusion about whether or not there really is a problem to be solved. All the same, waiting for an accident to occur before taking preventative steps is unnecessary and unwise.

How to See a Need

Safety Calm software allows you to put a sign in place and gather information about traffic flow and speeds without changing anything. Nothing has to be on display, and in fact it’s better if the sign doesn’t display while you’re gathering information. That way you know for certain that the information you are receiving is the way the traffic actually flows when no one is looking. By using these signs you can determine whether there really is a problem without waiting for complaints or an accident.

Solving the Problem

So now you know there is a problem, but maybe the problem is a unique one, specific to a certain time or day. For instance, Halloween is a time when many children are out at night and drivers need to be extra cautious. Maybe the Safety Calm sign is showing that people aren’t adjusting their speed at all for these children who are out walking when it is dark outside.

The problem is identified so now it is time for a solution. A lit sign that displays a slower-than-normal speed can help remind people or make them aware of the special circumstances. So for Halloween night you can put out a warning that will help others to remember to be cautious, thanks to TraffiCalms’s Variable Speed Limit signs.

The Benefits of a Safeguard

These signs come with all kinds of options including variations in color and size so you can easily decide which sign will best catch the attention of those who drive in your area. But the variable speed signs are good for more than just the occasional holiday, any sort of important event that will cause an increase in pedestrian traffic is a good time to have a variable speed sign. A local basketball game, a Shakespeare recital at the high school, or a ballet performance at the neighborhood theatre.

Why wait for there to be an accident or an injury to take protective steps? TraffiCalm can help you protect your neighborhood, your car, and the people you care about. If you think there is a need, don’t hesitate. Identify the problem and set up the solution that will safeguard yourself and those around you.