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We strive to advance in our effectiveness in producing safer roadways.  We are using cutting edge electronic technologies to push forward and design products that calm traffic.  Interestingly, as technology changes causing more distractions for drivers, the same technology has allowed access to data that was not possible in the past.

Zendrive is a company using cell phone location and accelerometer data to analyze our driving.

School Zone safety

They have more than 100-billion miles of driver behavior data and they are putting it to good use.  In their report (Zendrive’s 2018 Distracted Driving Snapshot) two things stand out.  Distracted driving is rising and the afternoon, around 4pm, has the greatest percentage of driver cell phone use.  This data is concerning for school zone safety specifically.

Around the time that our children are walking home from school it seems that drivers are the most distracted.  Driver distraction directly equates to danger for pedestrian children.  We encourage our youth to walk to and from school for various reasons.  Whether it be for health reasons, the potential environmental impact, or out of necessity, it is obvious that we can do better to provide them a safe journey to school.

While Zendrive continues to measure driver behavior we will continue striving to calm traffic.

We offer many solutions that work to grab the attention of distracted drivers, specifically, in school zones.  TraffiCalm™ Flashing LED Rings then alert the driver to entering a school zone and the potential of school children being present.  While TraffiCalm™ Driver Feedback Signs will grab the attention of a driver and let them know that they are speeding.  To approach a more complete solution a TraffiCalm™ Push 2 Cross Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) System would then allow for safe pedestrian crossing in a mid-block application such as a school zone.

As drivers are further distracted in school zones it becomes ever more important to offer complete school zone solutions.

Ask our sales team about free school zone audits where we can help you design the perfect school zone solution for you and our knowledgeable sales team can help you navigate the Safe Routes to School granting process.

Zendrive also offers a school zone search tool on their website that will give you an exact grade of an individual school.  It is clever; look up your kid’s school to see how dangerous the drivers around it are.

Keep traffic calm!