Static Speed Signs

Static road signs have many advantages. When a driver sees a posted speed sign in the plain black and white they know they are looking at the official speed for the area they are driving through. The universality of these signs is good, they all look exactly the same so they can be identified at a glance. But the drawback to these signs is that people become so used to seeing them that they begin to stop noticing them. They drive the same road every day so when they pass that same sign they don’t even glance up, the sign has just become part of the scenery.

Dynamic Speed Signs

It is easy to overlook something that is constant and unchanging, why should you take a second glance when you know what you are looking at hasn’t changed? This is why advertisers often make billboards that change, they try to make them as dynamic as possible to capture your attention. This same idea applies to speed signs. If you want people to pay more attention to their speed then a sign that can change and light up is more likely to catch a driver’s eye. The nice thing about TraffiCalm signs is that even if they become familiar to a driver they are almost impossible to ignore because they are constantly changing.

Why it Matters

It might seem like that even if speed signs become familiar people still tend to stay close to the posted speeds. How much difference can an extra 5 to 10 mph really make? Well, those 5 extra mph can be the difference between life and death. Only 1 out of every 10 people hit by cars going 40 mph will survive. If the speed is reduced to 30 mph, 5 of 10 survive. Ask yourself again, can a few extra miles per hour really make a difference? Does it really matter?

Increasing Awareness

Now that the risks are clear we understand why dynamic speed signs are so important. As drivers become more and more unaware of the set speed they become a greater danger. The more familiar the sign is the more they will ignore it and begin setting their own pace, upping their speed by 2, 5, 10, 15 mph. This is why it is important to use TraffiCalm dynamic speed signs that will increase the driver’s awareness of their own speed. It may not seem like much to worry about, but just remember: the difference between a static and dynamic speed sign could be the difference between life and death for someone you know.