Over the years, there have been many questions posed about our SignAlert™ Systems.  Some of the common questions and answers have been identified and have been listed here.

However, we are more than happy to answer any other questions about our SignAlert™ line.  You can complete the field below with your questions and we will respond within 24 hours or for immediate response, feel free to call us direct at:


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Is SignAlert MUTCD Compliant?


Can I install the LED Flasher Rings on my existing signs?

Yes.  Our LED Flasher Rings utilizes 3M VHB tape to securely mount onto your signs.  We also provide mechanical fasteners for additional bonding.

Is TC Connect or SignAlert secure from possible hacking?

Absolutely.  When the SignAlert system is initially powered up, it becomes detectable by any browser-enabled device.  The security lays in the systems 2 hour window of detectability starting when the system is initially powered up.  After this 2 hour window expires, the WiFi shuts off and remains off until a power cycle is initiated to re-activate the WiFi accessibility.

Can I connect to TC Connect from a remote location such as my office?

No.  TC Connect is essentially a WiFi connection and requires the user to be within 100 feet of the SignAlert device.

How do I connect to my SignAlert system with WiFi?

It’s actually quite easy.  When the SignAlert Controller is first powered up, it will be detectable as a WiFi Connection on any browser-enabled device.  Once selected from the available networks, the user will enter the assigned network security key.  At this point the user will then open the TC Connect web page / SetUp Wizard and be prompted through the SignAlert settings process.

Can I connect to TC Connect with my Apple device?

Yes.  All web enabled browsers and devices can be used to access TC Connect and to configure SignAlert.

What SignAlert parameters are user definable?

TC Connect allows for the following parameters to be set:

Operating Mode:
24/7 Flashing
Day Only
Night Only
Button Operated
Radar Activated

Flasher Rate:
Allows the user to set the flash rate of the LED Flashers to between 60 – 180 Flashes Per Minute

Flash Pattern:
Standard Flash
Bright-Pop Flash
Pulse Flash
Emergency Flash
Push 2 Cross Flash

Excessive Speed Required to Flash:  (Requires Radar)
This allows the user to select the maximum speed at which any speed detected above this setting, the LED Flashers will not flash.

Minimum Speed Required to Flash: (Requires Radar)
This allows the user to select the mimimum speed at which any speed detected below this setting, the LED Flashers will not flash.

This allows the user to set the brightness of the LED Flashers

How long with SignAlert function without sunlight?

SignAlert autonomy is infinite, with system exposed to low light conditions.

Can I use back-to-back signs with one system / one power source?

Yes.  SignAlert has been designed to accommodate two LED Flasher Rings up to 36″ each.

Can I use AC as a power source?

Yes.  All of our SignAlert Systems have AC as an optional power source.

What is the detectable range of the radar?

The average detectable range of the radar is 450 feet, +400 feet / – 100 feet, depending on vehicle size.

How long can I expect the LED Flasher Rings to last?

Our SignAlert Systems are warrantied for 5 years.  This includes the battery, the controller or collaborator and the LED Flasher Rings.  The LEDs are guaranteed for 100,000 hours.

Can the radar be used with SignAlert BASIC?

Yes.  The SignAlert BASIC is radar compatible.  Adapting a radar to the SignAlert BASIC System will only enable the system to activate upon vehicle detection.  The BASIC system does not allow for network communication.

Does SignAlert come with the necessary hardware to install?

Because there is such a wide variety of mounting structures and poles that can be used for SignAlert, we cannot anticipate what would be needed in the way of mounting hardware (ie. nuts and bolts) for each installation.  Therefore we only provide the necessary mounting brackets for each SignAlert component to be installed.

Will installation require a licensed contractor?

It may require a licensed contractor if the SignAlert system has a more complex, multiple sign installation.

Some Cities, Counties or State Agencies may require SignAlert to be installed by a licensed contractor.

Is SignAlert easy to install?

Yes.  Most SignAlert systems can be installed with just a basic understanding of electrical and installing pre-assembled components to a post.

What is the difference between the Controller and Collaborator?

With any SignAlert solution, the Controller is considered a Director or perhaps the Brains of the outfit.  It disseminates any user commands and/or radar detection and signals the Collaborators within the network to trigger their flash sequence.

The Collaborator does nothing more than receive the direction and act on the direction from the Controller.

What is the difference between SignAlert BASIC and SignAlert ADVANCED?

In it’s simplest of forms, SignAlert BASIC offers 24-7 flashing of the sign-mounted led flasher rings.  SignAlert ADVANCED is network and radar compatible.  The ADVANCED system allows for wireless network communication with other SignAlert Collaborators up to 1000′ away.