Are there battery operated Driver Feedback Signs available?

Yes.  TraffiCalm™ has several portable options available.  Our portable signs are designed for use where the sign will potentially be moved from location to location.  These signs do come with (1) 2-piece mounting bracket.  Additional brackets will be required and placed at all locations where the sign will potentially be used.  The 2-bolt mounting system easily allows the sign to be removed from its existing post mount bracket in one location, taken to the new location and secured to the pre-installed post-mount bracket.

Driver Feedback Signs available as Portable:

  • iQ900 Portable
  • iQ1200 Portable
  • 9″ Value – Portable
  • 12″ Value – Portable

The functionality of these signs are defined by the Driver Feedback Series (iQ and Value).  The portability aspects are as follows:

  • Portable Signs are Battery Powered – 20Ah or 30Ah Integrated Batteries complete with AC Charger.
  • On an average, the Value Signs will operate between 5 & 7 days between charging.  The iQ Signs will operate between 3 & 5 days between charges.
  • The portable signs complete with 20W Solar Kits (60W Solar Upgrades Available)
Does TraffiCalm offer a warranty on Driver Feedback Signs?

Yes.  TraffiCalm™ offers a 3-year warranty on our Driver Feedback Signs.

Are TraffiCalm Driver Feedback Signs MUTCD Compliant?

YES.  All Driver Feedback Signs meet MUTCD Compliance.

What is the detectable range of your radars?

All of our Driver Feedback Signs have a range of 450+’ with the exception of the iQ1800.
The iQ1800 has a radar range of 1,200+’

How far away are drivers able to view and/or read the display?

iQ900 or 9″Value is viewable from 750′ and legible from 450′

iQ1200 or 12″ Value is viewable from 1000′ and legible from 600′

iQ1500 is viewable from 1000′ and legible from 750′

iQ1800 is viewable from 1500′ and legible from 1000′

Do you have any educational resources concerning the use and effectiveness of TraffiCalm Driver Feedback Signs or other products?

We are consistently releasing new product literature and will soon be developing  tutorial videos made available on our website.  Additionally, we will be publishing and releasing to our subscribers, our industry-focused newsletter, full of exciting news and relevant information.

Do you provide installation services?

TraffiCalm™ is the OEM and does not provide onsite installation services.  Though our product line is relatively easy to install, we feel it best to consult a local professional to install the product.  If you have questions or require on-site support, please do not hesitate to contact Technical Support at 855-738-2722.

Where can I find the SafetyCalm login credentials?

Refer to the User Manual that was supplied with the Driver Feedback Sign or Contact our Technical Support at 855-738-2722.

Where are TraffiCalm products manufactured?

All of TraffiCalm’s products and electronic components are manufactured within an ISO Certified facility here in the United States.

How do I configure my Value Driver Feedback Sign?

All TraffiCalm™ Value Series Driver Feedback Signs include an IR remote that is used to configure the settings and the display functions.

See our Value Configuration Guide for a step-by-step process through the set-up of your sign.

How do I configure the setting on my iQ Series Driver Feedback Sign?

All TraffiCalm™ iQ Series of Driver Feedback Sign include the SafetyCalm software suite that both configures the settings on the sign and reports the data collected by the device.  You will need either a Bluetooth enabled Windows PC or an Android device.

SafetyCalm is downloaded directly from our Resources Page or from the Google Play Store.

Does TraffiCalm provide Technical Support or have a Help Desk?

TraffiCalm™ boasts an added value to our product line.  Our exceptional Technical Support is available, free of charge for the life of the product.



What is included with my Driver Feedback Sign purchase?

All TraffiCalm™ products include the applicable manuals and quick start guides, software and secure mounting brackets.  However, mounting hardware (ie bolts and/or banding), poles, anchors and footings are not included.

Our Solar Kits include the Solar Panel, Batteries, wiring and brackets to ensure easy installation.

What style of Pole/Anchor or Hardware is recommended for the installation of a Driver Feedback Sign?

When installing any TraffiCalm™ product, it is important to consider the additional weight, wind-load and possible ice accumulation that will be added to the infrastructure.  Though our Driver Feedback Signs and Solar Kits are easy to install, we highly recommend having a qualified contractor or engineer advise of the proper installation.  All of our products are compatible with either square posts or round post.  Additionally, hardware must be carefully considered and selected to ensure a safe installation.

Which TraffiCalm Driver Feedback Sign is best suited for my specific application?

While each of our products are designed to integrate with a variety of roadways and infrastructure, it is best to start with the questions below.  Contact our sales team to discuss these questions and any others you may have.

  • What is the posted speed limit of the roadway where the sign is to be used?
  • Will the sign be AC or Solar powered?
  • Will the sign be used to collect traffic data?
  • Would portability of the sign be an advantage?

You can also reference this CHART to lend further guidance.

Whats the difference between the iQ Series and the Value Series of Driver Feedback Sign?

Here are some “AT-A-GLANCE” comparisons of the Value Series, the iQ Series and the Portable Options.

Value Signs

  • Cost is about the same as an iQ Series Sign.  However, this sign is Complete with Solar.  All you need is the post.  (Portable Signs have an integrated 20Ah Battery)
  • Super easy to use with a hand held IR remote (similar to your TV remote).  No Bluetooth pairing
  • Nice and compact
  • It is a 7-Segment sign meaning that it will only display numerical speeds.  No additional message programming is available
  • No traffic data recording
  • Cannot ever add options such as a camera, beacons or other devices
  • Can only program 2 events per 24 hour period

iQ Signs

    • Full Matrix meaning not only does it display numerical speeds but can be programmed for additional messages such as Slow Down or Too Fast.  Can also be programmed for emoticons such as a smiley face when a driver is within the posted speed and a frowning face if a driver exceeds the posted speed
    • Highway Gothic Fonts
    • Bluetooth equipped and works with TraffiCalm’s PC SafetyCalm software allowing you to program from your laptop or you can download our free Android App which allows you to program the sign from your phone or tablet
    • Provides traffic data recording and a full suite of data analysis tools
    • Almost unlimited program schedules
    • Expandable for beacons, cameras and who knows what else in the future
    • Firmware is upgradable and is never charged for to the original owner of the sign
  • Does require the purchase of either an AC Power Supply or a Solar Kit (Portable Signs have an integrated 30Ah battery) 

Portable Value or iQ Signs:

  • Battery powered signs.  Built-in 20Ah (9”) or 30Ah (12”) battery pack and AC charging adapter.
  • Typically our Value Signs will operate for 5-7 days before it is necessary to bring them in and re-charge the batteries prior to re-deployment.  Our iQ Series will operate 3-5 days before it is necessary to recharge the sign batteries.
  • Sign comes with AC Battery Charger
  • IR remote included on our Portable Value Signs for configuration and basic programming
  • Designed for use where the sign will potentially be moved from location to location.  It comes with one mounting bracket.  It is recommended that additional mounting brackets be purchased and placed at all locations where the sign would potentially be used.  Our 2-Bolt mounting system easily allows the sign to be removed from its existing bracket, taken to the new location and secured to the new mounting bracket.

You can also reference this CHART to lend further guidance.