Traffic Calming on a Low Budget

Hard Times A poor economy is not only hard on families, individuals, and small businesses, economic hard times even affects government  entities. Many state governments are now having trouble paying their debts and even branches like education and defense are facing cuts. Schools are also facing tough situations, with teacher layoffs and program cuts. With [...]

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Radar Speed Signs for Affordable Traffic Calming

Some of the most common traffic calming methods used today are built in at the time of roadway construction. Things like extended curbs, roundabouts, center medians and forced turn lanes are all considered traffic calming devices. Anything that forces traffic in one direction or narrows lanes has the potential to slow traffic down. But these [...]

Grants and Funding for Municipal Traffic Calming Programs

Research supports behavioral approaches to highway safety improvements such as traffic calming measures in roadway design, and many cities are adopting these proven effective means of controlling driver behavior. These programs can be expensive, however, and city budgets have been pressed to find funding sources. Often, county and local governments that want to implement traffic [...]