High Water Warning System

Where unexpected flooding on the road poses a danger to drivers, we propose the Flashing Sign High Water Warning System.

Making use of our proprietary, revolutionary water sensor, any Flashing Sign System can detect and warn drivers that water has inhibited normal driving.

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TraffiCalm Offers Three Options For Calming Drivers In Any Neighborhood

Flood detection and warning, like you’ve never seen before

Fast Facts…

Warning Device Compatibility:

All MUTCD compliant flashing sign rings

Intelligent Beacon System

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons

Controller Compatibility:

All Gen3 (and newer) Intelligent Controllers and Collaborators

Power Options:

AC or Solar power

Solar options include 20,30,60,100, or 150W panels with 12Ah to 43Ah battery supplies. Extreme climate batteries also available

Water Sensing:

Method: Solid0-State conductivity test with no mechanical parts

Minimum water level: 1″ (2.5cm)

Clog free, low maintenance design maintains full operation in the presence of mud, dried mud, refuse, and naturally occurring organic material

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