Making School Zones Safer With Solar LED Flashing Signs

If you are at all responsible for the safety of getting kids to school, then you’ve probably felt the weight of the moment those children leave your care and transition to someone else’s. Maybe its in the drop off line in front of the school’s commons. Maybe it’s the short walk from your steps to the bus. The sinking feeling of loss of control can take shape in many ways.

The TraffiCalm® family constantly thinks about scenarios like this, and what we can do to promote safety on the roadway. The questions we get asked a lot are “how do we make school zones safer?” and “how do we mix modes of mobility around schools and still keep everyone moving”

Scroll down to learn how we’ve answered these questions…

Reduce speeds- save lives

It’s pretty intuitive- momentum increases the faster the object is travelling. The more momentum an object has, the greater the damage it can inflict on whatever it hits. By slowing speeding drivers down, pedestrians stand a dramatically improved chance of survival in the event of an impact. Additionally, slower drivers are attentive drivers, and reaction times become less of a factor.

TraffiCalm Driver Feedback Signs are a proven low-cost countermeasure that provide unassuming drivers a gentle wake up call. Placed in advance of the school zone, a radar speed sign can reliably raise awareness to speeding and upcoming speed limit changes. Additionally, our signs can be scheduled to dynamically change operation throughout the day. This can be very important in areas where speed limits change and driver behaviors need to change with them.

Put up a barrier

Reducing driver speed has been a go-to solution for school zones for many decades. Signs that feature “when children are present” litter streets surrounding schools, and can create confusion for drivers. Adding a flashing device and a “when flashing” sign to the mix has improved the situation. Not satisfied with the status of these devices, though, TraffiCalm® has developed a flashing ring to enhance the S5-1 school speed limit sign. Solar powered, radar activated, and schedule based, our Flashing Sign System produces results by drawing attention to the sign itself. Add even more conspicuity by including traditional LED beacons.

Give pedestrians a fighting chance

Finally, Pedestrian crossing systems have proven invaluable in balancing multiple modes of transportation sharing the same spaces. The concept is simple- pedestrian pushes a button, drivers see blinky lights, drivers stop at the crossing (aka, zebra stripes), pedestrian crosses. It’s what drivers are supposed to do at cross walks anyways. But, they don’t always, which sucks. So slapping a retrofit, solar powered LED flashing ring or RRFB on the signs at the crossing change the game. Even better, the controlling devices (we call them Controllers, pretty creative, huh?) can communicate wirelessly with Collaborators across the street. The result is one button press lights up things like a runway. Apply this tech to a school zone and we’ve proven compliance goes way up.

Put it all together
Each of these components achieves different results amounting to one accomplishment- safer school zones, or safe routes, by enhancing the signs and zones already designed by a traffic engineer. We recommend working with our team to assess the school zone and figure out which systems would benefit the most.

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