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9″ Value Series Dolly Mounted Sign


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radar speed signs

The TraffiCalm Portable Series has added a line of Dolly Mounted Driver Feedback Signs for increasing driver speed awareness and road safety and are designed especially for temporary deployment in low speed areas. Street-Series-carrying_bag9 The bright 9” characters can be seen from up to 450’ away, and help increase driver speed awareness on the neighborhood streets where so many small accidents occur every year. These portable speed monitoring signs include SafetyCalm™ data collection software, allowing you to gather hard data of traffic patterns and program the sign using a laptop bluetooth connection. The included 9” smart radar sign is designed for battery powered, multi-site versatility. Temporarily deploy the lightweight sign and battery pack using its sturdy two wheel dolly.

TraffiCalm Radar Speed Signs are manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001 certified facility, meeting and exceeding industry standards and state testing requirements. TraffiCalm signs are unmatched in durability, accuracy, ease of use and affordability.

Model M75-9IDFB-D0xx

Also configurable as VSL Sign


  • Bluetooth remote programming/configuration/data collection
  • SafetyCalm™ Configuration and Traffic Data Collection software included free
  • SafetyCalm™ Android App available on the Google Play Store for free.
  • Emoticon display options to increase driver awareness.
  • Programmable full matrix display allows the sign to display speed numbers as well as messages like ‘SLOW DOWN’.
  • UL/ULC listed for simple and code compliant installation
  • 100% MUTCD compliant
  • Includes 75Ah, 24 Group Battery for several days sustained operation
  • Optional Indoor Rated AC Battery Smart Charger Available. Order PN: 029-04677-0000
  • K-band (24.15GHz) radar, range 450+ feet.
  • Unlimited tech support and customer service from our USA facility for the life of the sign
  • 3 year limited warranty

Package Includes: Sturdy two wheel dolly, radar speed monitoring sign, 18″ x 24″ Static Speed Limit Sign w/numerical placards, 75Ah Group 24 Battery, SafetyCalm™ Configuration and Traffic Data Collection Software, installation and user manual.

NOTE: AGM Charger sold separately.

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