Did you see that title? Gen 2! “Gen 2?” you might be asking. What does that mean to you, champions of road safety? New functionality, sure, but functionalities that make your ownership much easier. Replaceable batteries, easier mounting, faster connections, and new expanded mounting options all top the list of improvements we have made to ensure you get the best possible LED Sign Enhancements.  With our previous design on the road for a couple of years, we learned a lot about what our customers go through from the time they open the box to when the drivers reap the benefits. Lesson #1- no one wants to stand on the top step of a ladder, in driving rain, pressed between traffic and an anthill to install a widget they don’t know anything about. Lesson #2- put person experiencing lesson #1

From its inception, TraffiCalm LED Sign Enhancements represented a departure from the status quo.