Press Release March 2020, Coronavirus Update

TraffiCalm Systems has a sister company that is an electrical systems contract manufacturer and we share the building, employees and manufacturing operations.  This company, MOR Manufacturing, has been designated as an essential and critical business supplier to several defense and medical clients, as defined by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

We just recently received an order to increase production on an electrical controller board for ventilators that the country is in dire need of right now.  We are very proud to participate in this effort and to hopefully contribute to savings thousands of lives.  This fits perfectly with our TraffiCalm corporate mission of helping to save lives with our traffic calming and safety products.

The benefit of this designation allows us to continue to deliver and supply our TraffiCalm Systems products as well.  We are continuing to see high demand from governmental customers.  Several of our dealers across the country have also been designated as critical suppliers for traffic safety products by their respective governors.

We understand your strong commitment to your clients in providing on-time products. We feel the same way and realize the importance of taking a proactive approach to this global pandemic.  When the situation first started to affect the manufacture and supply of some electrical components that come from China, TraffiCalm Systems increased supply chain orders of $750,000 to make sure we had the components needed to manufacture our systems here in the United States without interruption.   We have no plans to increase our industry leading delivery times or to stop production, but will continue to monitor the situation and will inform you should there be any change.

We understand the effect this pandemic is having on a global basis and empathize with the impacts potentially in your business and personal lives.  From the beginning we took action within our facility to minimize the spread of the infection. Where possible, our workforce has been separated with a working distance of 6 feet or more.  Enhanced sanitation procedures were implemented immediately, and of course, anyone not feeling well is asked to stay home

From your team at TraffiCalm Systems, we hope good health for your company and families while we all endure this event.


John Ragan