TraffiCalm’s Cost-Effective Wrong Way Warning System Saves Lives and Money

LED Rings on Signs were part of the system that received recognition for ADOT

Post Falls, Idaho –TraffiCalm Systems today announced a low-cost Wrong Way Warning System (WWWS) that influences wrong way drivers to self-correct and turn around before entering the freeway. The recent ADOT award in the news included TraffiCalm Systems’ LED sign ring and flashing controller used in conjunction with Temple Edge-Lit internally illuminated signage to improve safety and visibility.

“We congratulate ADOT for their recent award in helping address the wrong way epidemic.” said John Ragan, president of TraffiCalm Systems. “However, our complete Wrong Way Warning System package is a low-cost solution that uses highly accurate radar for greater efficiency and results.”

TraffiCalm’s Wrong Way Warning System uses multiple radar detection, a patented collaboration system, solar power, and LED sign rings that can be retrofit on existing signs. Its popularity is spreading across the country with complete system deployments in California, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and Texas.

Engineers created the Wrong Way Warnign System to detect and help self-correct wrong way drivers by using multiple flashing LED rings to alert and safely redirect motorists. In a large majority of the situations, the driver self corrects and turns around because of the flashing LEDs. If they continue down the ramp the wrong way, the secondary radar detection system captures the vehicle and immediately notifies the authorities with a message and video feed of the event.

“Saving lives is always our highest priority,” Ragan added. “We are proud to partner with our transportation departments to offer an affordable system that is helping improve safety and look forward to more opportunities to fully implement our solutions in the future.”

ABOUT TRAFFICALM SYSTEMS: TraffiCalm Systems, LLC is a manufacturer of traffic calming and safety products. All manufacturing is done at the company headquarters in Post Falls, Idaho USA in an ISO:9001 Certified facility. TraffiCalm manufactures such products as radar driver feedback signs, LED-enhanced warning and regulatory traffic sign systems, and wrong-way detection and alerting systems. TraffiCalm has an in-house engineering team and is completely integrated from surface mount production to final finished goods assembly. TraffiCalm has systems deployed in all 50 U.S. States and in 8 other countries.

For further information contact: Dan Skites at 208-916-5200

Revision note: This article was revised to clarify that the signage used was manufactured by Temple Edge-Lit  and used in conjunction with TraffiCalm Systems’ products.