Pedestrians have peace of mind with a safer crossing through the simple push of a button. 

And for Drivers?    It’s Quite Clear!

Push 2 Cross is an MUTCD Compliant solution for controlled safe pedestrian crossings and is perfect for Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets or for Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing applications.

Now, with the design and development of the Virtually Indestructible SA328 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon, TraffiCalm Systems has broadened its available MUTCD Compliant options for Push 2 Cross.

Configuration settings for Push 2 Cross is made easy through TC Connect, a secure WiFi connection platform developed by TraffiCalm, requiring NO internet connection, special apps or software!

With any browser enabled device, the user can select from multiple options and settings.

RRFB In Action At A Crosswalk

RRFB w-TC logo


  • Standard 20 groups of 4 Hi Intensity Amber LEDs for Redundancy and Uniform Light Distribution
  • Exceeds SAE J595 Class 1 Intensity
  • Meets SAE J578 for chromaticity
  • Each of the 80 LEDs that make up each SA328 RRFB have  a built-in 15 degree UV resistant lens
  • Horizontal aiming adjustment
  • Side-mounted LEDs for a side visual confirmation
  • Dimensions:  24″ x 12″ x .85″


Ped Crossing - Flasher ONLY

Edge-Lit Flasher Ring

  • Fully assembled one piece construction
  • Hi Intensity LEDs spaced at 2.5″ centers creating a complete Edge-Lit Illumination within the sign border 
  • Hermetically potted and sealed
  • 3M VHB Tape and optional self-tapping mounting screws create secure adhesion to sign
  • Flasher Rings available to mount to the following signs:
    30″ and 36″ W11-2 Pedestrian Crossing Sign
    30″ and 36″ S1-1 Pentagon Sign



TC Connect™WIFI Icon

Easy and Secure WiFi Connectivity Direct to your Advanced Controller

Requires NO Internet Hot-Spot
Requires NO additional Software or Apps
Works on ANY Platforms or Mobile Device
Operates within a Secure Environment
Free … with NO recurring fees


TC Connect has a 2-hour window in which the user can make or modify settings to the Push 2 Cross System. This 2-hour TC Connect window starts when power has been applied to the Push 2 Cross Controller.
After the 2-hour window has closed, the WiFi connection will be terminated and will no longer be detectable and in the list of available networks.
Any changes to the configurations or settings will require a power cycle to the system.

Each Push 2 Cross system requires (1) Controller and (1) or more Collaborators to complete a Push 2 Cross network.
In this setting’s pane, the Collaborator’s ID Numbers (found on the Collaborator Box behind the solar panel) will be entered, establishing these Collaborators as part of this network.

Flasher Rate:
This pull down menu will allow the user to select the desired FPM – (F)lash (P)er (M)inute of the LED Flasher Rings between 60 and 180 FPM.
Default setting from TraffiCalm is 60 FPM. Note that the RRFB is fixed at 120 FPM output per the industry standard RRFB flash pattern.

Flasher Output:
This menu will allow the desired flash output to be selected from the 2 available output terminals.

Flash Patterns:
Choose from the (5) available flash patterns:

Standard Flash
Bright Pop Flash
Pulse Flash
Emergency Flash
Push 2 Cross Flash

Flash Duration:
Select the desired length of time (in seconds)

Build Your Push 2 Cross Network

  • 20W Solar Kit / 10Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery or AC Power Supply
  • BDSP-014 Bull Dog III Push Button
  • PBF9X12-X  9″x12″ Push Button Frame
  • 9″ x 12″  “Push Button to Turn On Warning Lights Signs”
  • 30″ or 36″ LED Flasher Ring for Warning or Pedestrian Signs
  • SA328 RRFB
  • 30″ or 36″ W11-2 Pedestrian Crossing Sign (Yellow of FLYG)
  • 30″ or 36″ S1-1 School Crossing Sign (Yellow or FLYG)
  • 24″ x 12″ W16-7L-R  ARROW Sign (Yellow or FLYG)
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