Stop signs are necessary at many intersections to help the flow of traffic. Using the signs as a traffic slowing device, however, is often a poor choice. If your town or city is having problems with speeds on a particular stretch of road, putting stops at intersections on that road might seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, it can actually make a dangerous traffic situation even worse.

Some Traffic Calming Measures Can Cause Problems

Intersections where there are often collisions between vehicles as well as pedestrian injuries cry out for stop signs or stop lights. It makes sense to use these signs that stop traffic and provide some order to the flow of traffic. Stop lights are often a superior solution at heavily traveled intersections, especially when there are two or more lanes each way, because they take away any driver uncertainty. Instead of wondering who has the right-of-way, drivers can’t go until they’re given a green light, helping to prevent collisions.

When there isn’t a collision problem, however, but a speeding problem, stop signs may end up causing more problems than they solve. This is especially true if more than one will be installed on a street, such as a stop at every intersection or one every few blocks.

When drivers know that they’ll have to stop repeatedly, they may speed up between the signs to try to save the time they lose when stopping. People are often less likely to really stop and tend to roll through signs more, particularly when faced with many. This can make crossing the street at signs more treacherous, and actually cause more speeding between them. One sign on a longer stretch of road will stop most traffic at that point, but drivers may still drive faster approaching and leaving it in order to make up that stopped time.

Lit MUTCD Signs Instead of Stop Signs

TraffiCalm Systems is a member of both the ATSSA and the IMSA to stay on top of technology and developments in traffic safety and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). These organizations and countless studies through the years have demonstrated that lit driver feedback signs are an effective traffic calming device, causing most drivers to slow down even if they see the same sign repeatedly over an extended period of time.

The radar speed signs can work better than stop signs for slowing traffic because they don’t cause stops and delays. They merely provide feedback for drivers that makes them aware of their speed. Most slow down whether they’re speeding or not. This eliminates drivers’ frustration with constant stops and the desire to speed between intersections to avoid losing time.

TraffiCalm’s signs are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility for quality assurance. Contact TraffiCalm today about signs that are right for your community.