School and Neighborhood Streets

Hidden Dangers of Some Traffic Calming Devices

Every device intended for traffic calming has pros and cons. Some which might be terrible in one situation could be ideal in another. But this makes it especially important you carefully look at the options before you decide which measures and devices are a good fit for your area. Whether you're with a local government [...]

Why are Radar Speed Signs Better Than Stop Signs for Traffic Calming

Stop signs are necessary at many intersections to help the flow of traffic. Using the signs as a traffic slowing device, however, is often a poor choice. If your town or city is having problems with speeds on a particular stretch of road, putting stops at intersections on that road might seem like a good [...]

Protect Kids in Your Neighborhood with Driver Feedback Signs

Traffic calming techniques have several purposes, including improving traffic flow and lessening congestion. The main reason for traffic calming measures like driver feedback signs, however, is to prevent accidents and save lives. If traffic is a problem or a potential problem where you and your family live, the addition of driver feedback signs can help [...]

How Deployment of Radar Speed Signs Dramatically Enhances Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians’ risk of involvement in a vehicular accident rises as speed rises, and in the case of pedestrian’s hit by vehicles, the vehicle speed plays a key role in the severity of the injuries and survival rate. Communities recognize areas where drivers routinely exceed the posted speed limit as an increased risk to pedestrian safety, [...]

Grants and Funding for Municipal Traffic Calming Programs

Research supports behavioral approaches to highway safety improvements such as traffic calming measures in roadway design, and many cities are adopting these proven effective means of controlling driver behavior. These programs can be expensive, however, and city budgets have been pressed to find funding sources. Often, county and local governments that want to implement traffic [...]

Is Your School Safe? A 5 Step Self-Assessment for PTA and Administrators

Keeping children safe at school is one of the highest concerns we have as parents, teachers, administrators, and as a community. No one wants to discover a flaw in design or planning that puts children at risk only after an accident has occurred. Double check your school’s design and planning to prevent pedestrian accidents around [...]

Warning: Your Neighborhood Might Not Be as Safe as You Think.

Speeding in residential areas is one of the largest concerns community groups and individuals voice to police departments. Unfortunately, because of budget cuts, and the demands of other areas of law enforcement that are considered more important, police departments and communities rarely have enough resources to devote to traffic calming measures. How Speeding Affects Neighborhood [...]

The Psychology of Speeding: The Success of Behavior Based Speed Enforcement

Human behavior is intransient, people don’t change their behavior, even behavior they want to change, easily. It’s no different when it comes to driving behavior. Communities and police departments find speeding and traffic safety to be top concerns among residents. Modern approaches to roadway management apply lessons of psychology to modify driver behavior and find [...]