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Available Options:

  • Sequential with RADAR

When this option is selected, Sequential Flashing of Chevron Signs will be triggered by RADAR Detection of an approaching vehicle.

  • Sequential NO RADAR

When this option is selected, RADAR is not enabled and the Sequential Flashing of Chevron Signs occurs continually and on a 24/7 basis.

  • Non-Sequential – 24/7 Operation

When this option is selected, Flashing of Chevron Signs will be enabled on a 24/7 basis and operate non-sequentially.


TC Connect WiFi allows for easy System Access and Configuration.

TC Connect Provides:

  • Initial Set Up of all signs on the Sequential Chevron Network
  • Multiple Flash Patterns
  • Speed Triggered Flash Patterns
  • Dimming Control
  • Connectivity with ALL Browser Enabled Devices
  • Connectivity to ALL Sequential and Non-Sequential Systems
  • Connectivity without the need for an Internet Connection
  • Network Secure Environment
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TraffiCalm’s Sequential Chevrons have become an ideal MUTCD Compliant solution being deployed on roads and highways that have the potential for accidental and / or catastrophic vehicle lane departures.

Most curve-related accidents and fatal crashes involve single vehicles leaving the roadway and striking fixed obstacles.  The greatest number of fatalities don’t necessarily occur on highways but rather occur on rural county or urban conventional roads.

Our Sequential Chevron System is engineered to give drivers a higher level of visual guidance when approaching these curves.  This is being successfully accomplished through an Effective 30° Angularity.

Multiple Chevrons signs in a single location are configured in a single wireless network and flash sequentially in the direction of traffic.

TXDOT Sign Alert 11x8.5.modified

Blown Up-w sign and legend


All SignAlert Chevron components are designed to easily adapt and mount to existing infrastructure … Including Signs.

One-Piece Hermetically sealed LED enclosure providing the most protection against the elements.

.080″ 5052 Highway Grade Aluminum.  Black powder coated for surface durability.


20180725_143512_resizedLEDs are rated for 100,00 hours

1,000,000 millicandella sign output (nominal daylight maximum)

80 LEDs arranged to outline legend on an 18×24 W1-8 Chevron Sign

120 LEDs arranged to outline legend on a 24×30 W1-8 Chevron Sign

LED enclosures are mounted using accommodations (hole) for bolt-mounting directly to sign and post

LEDs are wired in strings to activate simultaneously per MUTCD

All LEDs will continue to flash in the event of an individual LED failure