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We all recognize the importance of reflectivity on the signs and safety devices that line our Highways and Roadways and the value it serves to the motoring public.

Nevertheless … “Our Safety Cannot be Dependent on Reflectivity Alone”

This is why TraffiCalm and Traffic Control professionals alike have long recognized that certain sign situations are more critically important than others.  Some signs simply cannot be ignored. There has been a growing need in the industry for a simple and affordable way to retrofit existing signs with additional levels of warning for those situations that demand them — and to do this in such a way that the additional alert system can be motion activated to conserve power and extend the life of the LEDs.

The Solution – SignAlert™     Sign Enhancement System

                                       (2) Models Available:

SignAlert™  “BASIC”
SignAlert™  “ADVANCED”

  • Field retrofits onto almost any existing sign
  • Very affordable
  • MUTCD Compliance Ready
  • 5 Year – Complete System Warranty  (Including Battery)  “Available on SignAlert BASIC Model Only”
  • Solar or AC power options   “AC Available on SignAlert ADVANCED Model Only”
  • Motion activation and data collection options  “Available on SignAlert ADVANCED Model Only”
  • High intensity LEDs visible day or night (visible up to 2 miles
    at night)  Fog-Buster Technology embedded in both Models.
  • Hassle-free installation. (No dirt moved means less permits, and streamlined implementation)
  • Enhancement Flasher Rings mount to existing sign faces with permanent bonding tape and/or mechanical fasteners
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Visible School Zones

Updated Assembly 

Let Us Create a Visible School Zone

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TraffiCalm’s Visible School Zone initiative provides for elevated levels of safety within School Zones.

Our clearly visible sign array is deployed within a School Zone combining our Driver Feedback Technology and our Sign Alert™ LED Flashers.

Approaching drivers entering a School Zone will be immediately aware of the following:

  • o   Driver Entering School Zone

  • o   Posted Speed Limit

  • o   Driver’s Actual Speed

  • o   Driver’s Excess Speed through Violator Messaging and Flashing

  • o   Re-Direct to the Posted Speed Limit through LED Flashers    mounted on Static Speed Limit Sign

Available SignAlert Models


Trafficalm Installs Sign Alert at

Rathdrum, ID Railroad Crossing