There are many reasons for taking protective measures with regard to traffic calming. Obviously we want our roads to be smooth and avoid congestion. But there is a bigger reason for taking the right steps. With a few simple improvements and changes lives can be saved. The American Journal of Public Health found that children who live near traffic calming devices were a full 50% less likely to be hit by a car in their neighborhood than kids who live in areas without them.

Preventing Crime

But traffic calming signs do more than help protect the innocent, they also deter those who have criminal intent. Criminals fear to commit crime in areas with traffic calming signs because they run the risk of being stopped by a police officer when trying to make a speeding getaway. The heavier regulated the area, the less likely it is to be a target zone for criminals.

Making Highway Travel Safe

Residential neighborhoods are certainly important to protect but traffic calming signs are effective in other areas as well. In Missouri, there had been almost 700 deaths on the state’s highways for the year. Fortunately, the number of road deaths tends to reduce each year with more people driving safely and the use of better traffic calming techniques.

Some of the effective actions taken include illuminated signs that warn drivers to buckle up or slow down. There is no guarantee that these tactics will produce a certain effect, but in general when drivers are confronted with these warnings they will be more likely to react by being cautious while they drive.

Protecting Workplaces

Along with highways and neighborhoods traffic calming signs can also protect you at work. On corporate campuses traffic calming signs can be especially effective when helping to protect pedestrians cyclists who stay close to the flow of traffic. Measures like stops signs and speed bumps can sometimes cause hurrying business people drive aggressively and recklessly. Radar speed signs on the other hand cause a driver to be more aware of how they are driving and trigger less frustration then speed bumps and stop signs.

Traffic calming signs can help protect people all over. These simple operations can make all the difference when looking to save lives be it that of a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver.