Hard Times

A poor economy is not only hard on families, individuals, and small businesses, economic hard times even affects government  entities. Many state governments are now having trouble paying their debts and even branches like education and defense are facing cuts. Schools are also facing tough situations, with teacher layoffs and program cuts. With all these problems it is easy to feel anxious when it comes time for implementing traffic calming measures.

Making the Right Choice

With such drastic reductions in budget being made, some officials will no doubt seek to cut corners. Instead of taking the necessary steps to protect communities and keep roads safe by resolving traffic problems, they may simply install temporary solutions or else ignore the problem entirely. It is important to make the right decision, fortunately TraffiCalm speed signs are both effective and affordable.

Long Term Investment

A carefully budgeted city can invest in several different options. Battery-operated speed signs are excellent for constructions zones and can definitely help a city to save money. Some signs can collect data and have wireless Bluetooth connectivity. If you suspect that there is a need one of these signs can be erected but left with the LED lights off. This way you will be able to determine what the problem is without drivers knowing that you are collecting data. This a community can know for sure that there is a problem without having to spend money on a solution.

How to Use Your Investment

In order to get the most out of your investment it is important to use your tools with as much effectiveness as possible. A small community may decide that their need isn’t as pressing, causing them to purchase fewer traffic signs. But since the speed signs are portable, a single sign can be moved from spot to spot whenever a need arises, ensuring that you get your money’s worth. Solar-powered radar signs are another great option because the city won’t need to pay to keep the sign powered. This means that the only cost is that of the sign and the installation.

Quality Products

Since budgets are tight and communities have less to spend on traffic calming so it is essential to spend money only on quality products that will get the job done. TraffiCalm Systems is an ISO9001 certified company, committed to quality. Spending money on lower quality signs may appear to be a good choice at first, but only superior speed signs like those made by TraffiCalm will stand the tests of time and wear. TraffiCalm’s MUTCD signs go above and beyond government standards, making them the best in the business. If you want a traffic calming device that will help your community save money and be safer, than the choice is clear. Only TraffiCalm can guarantee both the quality and affordability your community deserves.