Two Powerful Forces

TraffiCalm, one of the best known manufacturers in driver feedback signs and traffic calming equipment, announced the specifics of the partnership with Path Master Inc. This partnership will present more opportunity for both companies to better assist both business and government in Ohio. There joining of these two forces is powerfully marked by the addition of TraffiCalm’s ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) products to Path Master’s own product line increases the renown of both companies and provides interesting opportunities for the future.

Where to Look for Change

In this partnership, the companies will be putting their focus on both government and privately owned areas, everything from residential areas, to local school, to municipalities, corporate business sectors, and highway construction zones. The combination of the two product lines marks a new stage for both businesses as it closely follows the development of TraffiCalm’s DriveBite™ display speed sign. With the merging of the product lines both companies are now able to address lesser concerns in smaller areas where traffic calming might have seemed less important before.

The New Changes

“We’ve had significant response to the August announcement of our 18″ matrix display which will be the most affordably priced and quality built radar driver feedback sign for highway/expressway applications on the U.S. market – targeted to support state DOTs, municipalities and city agencies.” says Jan DeSantis, business development manager for TraffiCalm. “The 18″ full matrix display also has increased communications features to add flexibility for programming and downloading of data collection.”

TraffiCalm and Path Master Inc.

For over 25 years TraffiCalm has been a manufacturer. They have had a wide range of customers, their signs being used everywhere from neighborhoods to construction zones in all 50 states and even in other countries. Path Master Inc has provided services and products since 1976. Their focus is quality and customer support that is always there to help. Their skilled staff are always eager to provide you with all the options and help you could wish for.