Keeping Holiday Traffic Under Control

The Traffic Boom Most people love public holidays because they associate them with good memories. But public holidays can be very difficult, especially for travelers. With so many holiday visitors coming in and out, most cities see a major fluctuation in the flow of traffic in and out of the metropolis. This boost in traffic [...]

Using Traffic Calming to Keep Large Events Safe

Surviving Large Event Traffic If you have ever been to a large party you know what the atmosphere is like: people moving in groups, laughing and talking, constant movement, crowds coming and going constantly... Often there is alcohol and the party goes late into the night, with people not leaving until early morning hours. These [...]

Traffic Calming on a Low Budget

Hard Times A poor economy is not only hard on families, individuals, and small businesses, economic hard times even affects government  entities. Many state governments are now having trouble paying their debts and even branches like education and defense are facing cuts. Schools are also facing tough situations, with teacher layoffs and program cuts. With [...]

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Taking the Right Traffic Calming Steps Can Protect Lives

There are many reasons for taking protective measures with regard to traffic calming. Obviously we want our roads to be smooth and avoid congestion. But there is a bigger reason for taking the right steps. With a few simple improvements and changes lives can be saved. The American Journal of Public Health found that children who [...]

Radar Speed Signs are Important for Keeping Roads Safe

Driver Reactions Whenever we see a dynamic speed sign we tend to find ourselves slowing down, even if we were already traveling under the speed limit. It is typical to do this without even thinking, slowing down when faced with a dynamic warning causes an automatic reaction. These driving instincts also come into play whenever [...]

Protecting Business Areas With Traffic Calming Signs

Why Businesses Should be Protected It is a nice feature of many business that they have campuses for the uses of both employees and customers. But one of the drawbacks of campuses is that they almost always have heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. With so many people rapidly coming in and out the possibility of [...]

Helping to Prevent Accidents with TraffiCalm Speed Signs

Special Circumstances One of the problems with static speed signs is that they can make no allowance for special circumstances. Variable speed signs on the other hand, have a distinct advantage. A study was done in the 90s in several European countries. In Germany, the autobahn served as the testing area. Since some areas of [...]

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Traffic Calming Studies

Driver feedback signs are some of the most effective traffic calming products out there. They have virtually no disadvantages and provide lasting results. Other measures, like speed bumps and curb adjustments (bump outs, lane narrowing, etc), oftentimes pose problems to larger vehicles like school buses and emergency response vehicles like fire engines, and also cost municipalities money [...]

Making Construction Zones Safer with Speed Signs

The Risks of Construction Zones We can all know that construction zones can be dangerous but when we think of the dangers we don't usually consider the traffic dangers. According to statistics, most construction zone accidents that involve through traffic happen in the space where cars are changing from the higher speeds to lower speeds. [...]