Ruggedly Handsome – TraffiCalm Products Are Built For a Tough Life

TraffiCalm's quality policy is uncompromising- No product leaves our dock with a defect, and any employee who notices a defect has an obligation to raise awareness to it (paraphrased, but on point) This policy encompasses everything from the solder on our LEDs to the finish on our reflective decals. With such specific [...]

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Wrong Way Mitigation – What We’ve Learned

Drawing on our fifth year of working alongside agencies to address Wrong Way driving across the US, we have learned a thing or two. Unsurprisingly, we realize that we (the ITS industry) have a ways to go. The first question that precedes any discussion of a wrong way product or its use is "where do we put the stuff?" [...]

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Traffic Calming in Winter Conditions

When Increased Traffic Risks Are Apparent When it comes to winter driving, slowing down traffic is crucial. Not just for the safety of others but also to protect yourself. If one out of control car loses traction and collides with your vehicle, the damage can easily be fatal. Many people who haven't driven winter conditions before [...]

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Traffic Calming Studies

Driver feedback signs are some of the most effective traffic calming products out there. They have virtually no disadvantages and provide lasting results. Other measures, like speed bumps and curb adjustments (bump outs, lane narrowing, etc), oftentimes pose problems to larger vehicles like school buses and emergency response vehicles like fire engines, and also cost municipalities money [...]