TC Network Episode 120

TC Network Episode 120, August 2021 Transcript This a transcript of TC Network episode 120. You stream the episode anytime on Anchor.FM Dr. Gene Hawkins of Texas A&M University. It’s nice to have a broad perspective on a lot of different issues, because in the [...]

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Wrong Way MR August 2021

TraffiCalm to provide Wrong Way Warning Systems on 87 ramps along I-70 in Colorado FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, August 3, 2021 TraffiCalm to provide Wrong Way Warning Systems on 87 ramps along I-70 in Colorado Post Falls, Idaho – TraffiCalm Systems, LLC today announced that it [...]

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Push 2 Cross on Florida APL!

Press Release May 2021, FLorida DOT APL Approval For immediate release May 11th, 2021 With great excitement and anticipation, we are proud to announce that TraffiCalm’s Push 2 Cross Pedestrian Safety Solution with Rectangular Flashing Beacons have been accepted to the Florida DOT’s Approved Products List [...]

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Robert Roth joins TraffiCalm Systems

Press Release May 2021, Robert Roth joins TraffiCalm Systems May 5, 2021 Post Falls, Idaho USA One of the world’s leading wrong way warning system design engineers, Robert Roth, has joined the team at TraffiCalm Systems as a Senior Applications and Product Development Engineer. Robert has [...]

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Distracted School Zone Drivers

We strive to advance in our effectiveness in producing safer roadways.  We are using cutting edge electronic technologies to push forward and design products that calm traffic.  Interestingly, as technology changes causing more distractions for drivers, the same technology has allowed access to data that was not possible in [...]

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Press Release November 1st, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  TraffiCalm’s Cost-Effective Wrong Way Warning System Saves Lives and Money -LED Rings on Signs were part of the system that received recognition for ADOT Post Falls, Idaho –TraffiCalm Systems today announced a low-cost Wrong Way Warning System (WWWS) that influences wrong way drivers to self-correct and turn around before entering the freeway. [...]

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LED Sign Enhancements Gen 2- October 1st, 2019 Release Notes

Did you see that title? Gen 2! "Gen 2?" you might be asking. What does that mean to you, champions of road safety? New functionality, sure, but functionalities that make your ownership much easier. Replaceable batteries, easier mounting, faster connections, and new expanded mounting options all top the list of improvements we have made [...]

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New Team Member Announcement

TraffiCalm Systems Press Release Date:    October 7, 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bob Felt to join TraffiCalm Systems as Northeast Regional Sales Manager     Post Falls, Idaho – Traffic safety industry veteran, Bob Felt, will be joining TraffiCalm Systems as the Northeast Regional Sales Manager, effective October 7, [...]

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