TraffiCalm to provide Wrong Way Warning Systems on 87 ramps along I-70 in Colorado

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, August 3, 2021

TraffiCalm to provide Wrong Way Warning Systems on 87 ramps along I-70 in Colorado

Post Falls, Idaho – TraffiCalm Systems, LLC today announced that it has been awarded a major contract to provide its innovative Wrong Way Warning System on a Colorado Department of Transportation project along I-70 in Western Colorado. The objective of the project is to enhance safety to motorists by preventing fatalities caused by driving the wrong direction. Nationwide, at least 88% of drivers turn around without incident prior to getting on the freeway mainline when using TraffiCalm® Flashing Signs with multiple radar detectors.

“Most wrong way crashes can be prevented,” said, John Ragan, President of TraffiCalm. “We created an innovative multi-radar solution that, when used with flashing LEDs on standard warning signs, is effective and reliable. In fact, for the same amount of money spent historically, states can now treat more ramps with their investment without using high-priced alternative equipment.”

TraffiCalm uses a patented collaborating multi-radar solution that has near 100% detection accuracy, eliminating false detections. When a vehicle is detected in a wrong way zone, LED flashing signs are activated to warn drivers they are going the wrong way. Most drivers self-correct before getting on the mainline freeway. Agencies are able to collect the data of the number of wrong-way events on each ramp and easily add additional mitigation and notification solutions on problem ramps.

“Our goal is to treat every ramp in the country,” added Ragan. “Our systems are easily upgradable too with full notification and video messaging available utilizing the same base equipment.”
TraffiCalm’s system has been vigorously tested in all weather conditions and performs very well on the existing 200-plus deployments across the United States. In fact, prior to installing the 87 ramps on this project, Colorado Department of Transportation conducted a 6-month study through the winter of various wrong way detection systems.
TraffiCalm is a leader in the United States of wrong way warning systems with products in Arizona, Colorado, California, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and Texas.

ABOUT TRAFFICALM SYSTEMS: TraffiCalm Systems, LLC is headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho USA in an ISO:9001 Certified facility where we design and manufacture traffic safety products such as solar-powered LED flashing sign systems, radar driver feedback signs, intelligent warning systems, and wrong-way warning and notification systems. Our products are widely deployed in all 50 States and 9 other countries.