Q.  How is Detection of a vehicle made?

A.  Detection is achieved using dual channel Doppler Radar that can detect movement and vehicle direction up to 500′.  Additionally, a Detector may be programmed to treat either approaching vehicles or receding vehicles as Wrong Way. Collaboration between multiple radars produces a high level of confidence, Wrong Way alert leverages patented collaboration technology to determine real wrong way drivers from false activations.


Q.  Can Detectors link up to each other automatically?

A.  All Detectors are field configured to link up continually. This is accomplished through our easy to use TC Connect; a configuration utility that only requires a wi-fi enabled device to function (no internet connection or specific OS is required)


Q.  Are Detectors capable of monitoring and reporting system Health Checks?

A.  The Detectors do a period self-check that includes the wireless mesh-net communications bridge and report the status of ALL members through the wireless mesh-net network. If anything is amiss, the controller will relay a notification to your monitoring interface.


Q.  Are Cameras available?

A.  In all installation, the WWA controller is fitted with a high resolution camera system and a 4G / LTE cellular modem.  Camera equipped devices are programmed to take a short video based on a programmed set of circumstances.


Q.  Is there a limit as to how many Detectors can be used on one Wrong Way Alert System?

A.  It is possible to create an installation using one controller and up to seven collaborators all linked in the same mesh-network.  Because of this configurability, the system lends itself to reliable coverage of unique situations.


Q.  Are any of the Wrong Way Alert Systems currently installed?

A.  Yes we currently have Wrong Way Alert installed in Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, California, North Carolina, Maine, and Michigan.