“Engineering Wrong Way … the Right Way”

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Hard hitting headlines continue to circle around Wrong-Way driving in Michigan.

Pioneers like Michigan DOT, ATSSA, and TraffiCalm are fighting back. See how the recent Wrong Way Alert™ installation in Jackson County is getting media attention on WILX 10 News.

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What is Wrong Way Alert™?

Wrong Way Alert™ is a Scalable Intrusion Warning System designed to retrofit on existing Wrong Way signage. Wrong Way Alert™ raises driver awareness in dangerous “wrong way driver” situations.  The system is affordable, scalable, solar or AC powered and designed for quick retrofit installation. Wrong Way Alert™ consists of  System Expandable components which can be purchased separately as needed.

Wrong Way Alert™ System Expansion & Upgrades

The WWA System is a highly advanced Wrong Way warning system that can be specifically engineered to accommodate the various specific needs and challenges of each application.  Also, cell technology allows for automatically alerting law enforcement or traffic safety personnel via SMS or email, that a wrong way incident is occurring.

Truly Scalable System

Highway on and off ramps come in all shapes and sizes. Because of the extreme danger caused by inadvertent wrong way drivers in these situations, an alert system has been needed which can easily be adapted to the particular roadway design.Our Enhancement Bar Controllers have been designed to activate simultaneously and communicate with one another wirelessly.  Each Enhancement Bar Controller has a range of up to 500’ in ideal conditions. Range can be extended by strategic placement since the units pass along network communications until they reach the intended units. This capability can allow the network to “see” around obstacles and terrain in complicated on or off ramp situations. The mesh-net architecture allows for many configurations.

System Expansion Options:

Enhancement  Bar Controllers

  • Use when Detection/Activation Unit is located remotely.
  • Mesh-Net Radio – Allows immediate communication with remote devices tied into the system
  • Battery – 30 days standby power and power for activation
  • Solar charge controller
  • 20 Watt solar panel

Components of the WWA System:

High Intensity LED Enhancement Bars (2 per existing Wrong Way sign)

  • Flush Mounted Enhancement Bars quickly mount on existing Wrong Way signage with permanent bonding tape and/or optional mechanical fasteners
  • Sealed, potted unit

Detection/Activation Unit

  • Detection of wrong way driver using doppler radar
  • Unit can be located with Enhancement Bars or remotely
  • Mesh-Net System – Allows immediate Collaboration with remote devices tied into the system
  • Battery – 20 days standby power and power for activation
  • Cellular Modem
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • 20 Watt Solar Panel
  • Data Logging

a.  Date & time stamp of every activation
b.  “Right Way” vehicle counting
c.  Speed capture of both “Wrong Way” and “Right Way” drivers
d.  System Status and Battery Health
1. Optional external alarm output