Flashing Wrong Way System

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One problem, two simple solutions

Wrong Way Warning

Stage 1

Proven +85% turnaround at the LED signs

Radar detection + patented collaboration

Retrofit install to existing signs

Four Basic Components:

  1. Flashing LED Sign Rings
  2. Controller
  3. Collaborators
  4. Radar Detectors

Newly Developed “Collaborative Detection” provides substantially more confidence in the system’s detection.

Wrong Way Warning +Notification

Stage 2

All the simplicity of Warning, plus…
Video Confirmation and Fast Notification via 4g connectivity
Patented Accuracy minimizes false calls
Cloud based monitoring provides real time status of one or multiple systems
Upgrade from Warning by adding just one component!

How does TraffiCalm propose we solve Wrong Way Driving?

Wrong Way Warning and Wrong Way Warning + Notification are the only prevention solutions that retrofit to existing signage and infrastructure. TraffiCalm™ wrong way technologies raise driver awareness where driving the wrong way produces deadly results. The system is affordable, scalable, and designed for quick retrofit installation on the fly, all while repurposing investments already made.

Any wrong way mitigation solution should accomplish three results:

  • Reliably distinguish vehicles travelling the wrong way amidst right-way traffic
  • Warn violating drivers by way of unmistakable flashing signs
  • If desired, deliver fast, relevant notification to traffic monitoring facilities with recorded video confirmation

If any one of these goal’s trustworthiness is compromised, a system might as well be scrapped. TraffiCalm™ has worked relentlessly on a solution that does not fail. Many of our customers have replaced other systems with TraffiCalm™ solutions. And because our price is so agreeable, cost wasn’t a factor. Where a budget for other systems will cover just a few “test” ramps, we can deliver reliable warning on an entire safety corridor. Don’t believe us? Request for a project evaluation and quote…

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Curious what makes us better?

Check out this comparison of our system with 40(!!!) LEDs blocked off on a 36″ x 24″ wrong way sign. It’s clear to see that illuminating the entire shape of the sign has a dramatic perceived impact. A lot of LEDs? Sure. The right amount of LEDs? Absolutely.

Easy to design, easier to upgrade

The TraffiCalm solution is a highly advanced Wrong Way mitigation technology that can be intuitively designed to accommodate the various and specific challenges of each application. Available solar power options make for easier site selection. Nearly universal mounting options provide fast and secure mounting to most infrastructure types on your roadways.

When the time comes where notification is desired upgrading JUST the Controller is all that is needed. The existing Controller can be reconfigured to act as a Collaborator, making this a zero-waste upgrade. 4g Cell technology integrates for easy access to rapid notifications for law enforcement or traffic safety personnel via our secure cloud interface or email. Oh, and those notifications deliver in less than 15 seconds of the event. Agencies across the US have seen dramatic reductions in their response times when using our solutions.

Features, Explained (click to expand)

Quickly mount on existing Wrong Way signage with permanent bonding tape and/or optional mechanical fasteners

Sealed and potted to be rugged, thin and light to go unnoticed until needed

Fully MUTCD compliant- sign shape is fully maintained even if several LEDs are physically damaged

The only LED sign illumination to fully outline the sign, driving home the sign’s natural appearance

Unparalleled nighttime visibility

Considered by many to be the “ultimate solution”

Appropriately bright, highly efficient

Maintains reflectivity, but adds even illumination across face of sign

Provides fast, simple setup of complete warning system, consisting of one Controller multiple Collaborators

Secure Wi-Fi setup requires no internet and no software download, just a phone, tablet, or pc

Controls synchronized flashing of all connected devices based on radar, input (like loops), or 24/7 activation

Controls detection algorithm to ensure accurate output

Can be reduced to Collaborator functionality when upgrading to +Notification Solution (stage 2)

Upgrade any Warning System by just replacing the Controller

Unit can be located anywhere within Alert zone (dictated by configuration utility setup)

Mesh-Net Wireless Radios – Serve immediate wireless collaboration with remote devices configured into the system, with up to 3,000 ft between devices

Accepts 12V input from AC transformer or Solar supply (AC power highly recommended)

Fast 4g Cellular Modem delivers full video notification in an average of 10 seconds

HD Resolution IP Camera

Work in collaboration with any Controller to both build the detection algorithm and control flashing devices.

Unit can be located anywhere on road secion within 4 detection zones (dictated by configuration utility setup)

Mesh-Net Wireless Radios – Serve immediate wireless collaboration with remote devices configured into the system, with up to 3,000 ft between devices

Various Solar an AC options available

Flashing output configurable to several flash patterns and frequencies

450 ft. / 137m detection range

Works with any Controller or Collaborator

Directional configuration can be set to detect approaching or receding motion

System layout

No other system can be designed into so many configurations. With every application our goal is to use as little hardware as possible while maintaining perfect reliability.

Flashing starts when any radar, or required combination of radars, detects a vehicle, we call this the Pre-Alert Zone. With the Pre-Alert Zone crossed, a + Notification system will be looking for additional detection requirements to be met, in the Alert Zone, for a video notification to be sent.

Additionally, a typical system will have a Correction Zone, where a driver can perform a correction maneuver to head the right way. And they usually do, our systems see better than 85% of drivers self correct.

Zero false positives | Zero misses



In the news…

Pioneers like Michigan DOT, ATSSA, and TraffiCalm are fighting back. See how the recent Wrong Way Alert™ installation in Jackson County is getting media attention on WILX 10 News.

Ranking as one of our most notable accomplishments to-date, the completed safety corridor in Cincinnati, Ohio has proven that we can turn around ALL wrong way drivers at the ramp. See the report on Fox19.

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