The MUTCD Compliant Solution for Sign Enhancement

We all recognize the importance of reflectivity on the signs and safety devices that line our Highways and Roadways and the value it serves to the motoring public.
However, reflectivity may not be enough to raise awareness where awareness is critical.
This is why TraffiCalm™ and Traffic Control professionals alike have long recognized that certain sign situations are more critically important than others.  Some signs simply cannot be ignored. There has been a growing need in the industry for a simple and affordable way to retrofit existing signs with additional levels of warning for those situations that demand them — and to do this in such a way that the additional alert system can be motion activated to conserve power and extend the life of the LEDs.
The Solution – TraffiCalm™ Flashing Sign Systems that field retrofit onto almost any existing sign.

Basically Awesome.

 The TraffiCalm™ Basic Flashing Sign System produces amazing results at minimal cost. Because the system is designed to be retrofit to existing signs, you can have a complete, live system in less than 3 weeks, including delivery time. Ease of use and intuitive setup result in a system that works as desired without an engineering degree (no offense PEs, we appreciate you!)

Less Basic, More Awesome.

 TraffiCalm™ Advanced Flashing Sign Systems provide one giant advantage over our Basic systems- Connectivity. Between devices, a single activation can trigger multiple signs. From a single controller, hundreds of collaborators can sequence flashing. From one configuration, thousands of events can be scheduled. Wirelessly collaborating signage has never been so attainable. And as with all TraffiCalm™ solutions, setup is a breeze and usability is sky-high.

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Push 2 Cross
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Push 2 Cross pedestrian safety puts the power in the pedestrian’s hands to activate a clear warning to drivers. Proven features include RRFB bars, illuminated sign enhancements, and ADA compliant audible push buttons, backed by the simplicity and durability of our Advanced System.

Curve Warning
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Curve Warning Systems highlight one of the most deadly scenarios on today’s roads-lane departure crashes. With sequencing LED illumination that produces an unmistakable chevron outline, our Curve Warning System produces unprecedented driver awareness.

Conflict Intersection
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Conflict intersections, especially on rural roads, pose a threat to even the most attentive driver. With our Conflict Intersection Warning System, new technologies help drivers make the right decision and reduce the risk when leaving the stop bar.

Icy Road Warning
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Road conditions change by the minute. Our Flashing Sign Systems integrate with icy road sensors, overheight detectors, high water sensors and much more to give drivers critical, real-time warnings. As conditions change, the system can react on the fly, ensuring timely information is delivered only when needed.