Solutions provided by TraffiCalm:

TraffiCalm™ LED Sign Enhancement Systems – intelligently engineered to maximize accessibility and effectiveness on any roadway. Combining the power of TraffiCalm™ logic and flashing LED sign rings, enhancment systems accomplish what traditional traffic signs alone cannot- intuitive calming produced by an easy to install, ergonomic solution. Real-world effectiveness: improve stop sign performance by 52.9%!

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Keeping Traffic Calm

Radar Feedback signs

Embraced by school boards, law enforcement, and homeowners associations (to name a few), TraffiCalm™ radar speed signs are proven to reduce speeds day after day. Integrating our highly efficient LED, full matrix displays with cutting edge radar detection has proven the successful formula for slowing down drivers.

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Solutions For Today’s Roads

Flashing Wrong Way System

Trafficalm™ Wrong Way Warning System- Accurate detection, attention grabbing warning, reliable notification. We accomplish these three non-negotiables by leveraging patented collaboration logic, ubiquitous radar technology, and the fastest wireless connectivity. Across America, our Wrong Way Warning System is stopping dangerous offenders dead in their tracks.

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