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Innovative Solutions for Roadway Safety

We make products that save lives on our roadways.


Our Most Popular Traffic Calming Productsdirections

Flashing Sign Systems Radar Speed Signs Push-2-Cross Intelligent Beacons

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

MUTCD compliant crossings for schools, streets & more.

Sign Post Flasher

Get noticed. Enhance sign effectiveness.

Railroad Crossing

Safeguarding crossings with advanced technology.

Controllers & Collaborators

Mesh network for seamless integration.

Engineer your safety strategy with our precision-crafted solutions.

Chevron Curve Warning


Our Most Popular Traffic Calming Solutions edit_road

Wrong Way Warning Chevron Curve Warning School Zone Safety Pedestrian Safety

Speed Compliance

Effective speed reduction solutions for every need.

Conflict Intersection

Innovative solutions for complex intersections.

Overheight Warning

Reliable detection for oversized vehicles.

Ice Warning System

Real-time ice detection for safer roads.

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