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Firehouse Safety

TraffiCalm Firehouse Safety Solutions warn drivers of emergency vehicles entering the roadway, so you can focus on the task at hand.


Unabated Deployment

Activated by push button or wireless fob, the system sends an immediate roadside alert, prompting motorists to yield during first responder deployment and re-entry into the fire station.

Advanced Notification

Utilizing bluetooth technology, the firehouse warning system notifies pedestrians of approaching emergency vehicles, prompting them to stand clear as the vehicles enter and exit the firehouse.


Mesh Network

Leave the station with confidence, knowing our Controllers and Collaborators are alerting bi-directional traffic of your presence.

Highly Visible LEDs

Our patented Flashing LED Signs feature ultra-bright LEDs, that notify cross-traffic of emergency vehicles en route.

Waterproof Electronics

Environmentally sealed electronics in epoxy potting and heavy gauge aluminum housings built for use in extreme conditions.

Firehouse Safety Components