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Controllers and Collaborators

Intelligent Controllers and Collaborators, are the "brains" of the group. 

Every system requires a primary controller unit, and it can support connectivity to multiple collaborators on a single system.  

They can be mounted on either the side of pole, or top of pole.

Mounting Options

Side of Pole for easy access and maintenance.

These setups accommodate larger battery configurations and provide AC options, effortlessly integrating into existing infrastructure. 

Top of Pole for space efficiency and aesthetics.

These units feature built-in solar panels, ensuring a sleek, unobtrusive design, and enhance security by being out of reach of vandalism.

Need Help?

Our project design specialist will help you calculate solar usage.

Side of Pole


If simplicity and solar efficiency are your priorities, the E-Series with a 13ah battery is your choice. This series also offers an A/C powered configuration for swift integration.

S-Series / T-Series

These share the same housing unit, but the T-Series (70ah) steps it up with double the battery capacity of the S-Series (40ah). Suitable for locations with extended power needs or areas where solar efficiency may be challenged.


Our most robust unit, boasting a substantial 108ah battery. The W-Series can handle a wide range of traffic calming and signage equipment. This versatility makes it suitable for complex systems where multiple activation devices or signals are required.

Models & Specifications

Top of Pole


Seamlessly mounted between the top of the pole and solar panel, the CTL-2 and CTL-3 bring space and efficiency. They connect via our user-friendly WiFi application, ensuring maintenance is hassle-free.


The "Duplex" series maximizes solar efficiency with double the battery capacity.  This 24ah battery configuration allows for long-lasting operations even in compromised solar conditions.

Models & Specifications