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Ice Warning System

Featuring an infrared road surface temperature sensor that not only monitors humidity but also calculates the dew point.


Real-Time Detection

Ice Detection Warning Systems enhance static warning signs by providing real-time information about road conditions.  The system activates advance Flashing LED Rings when icy conditions are detected and deactivates them when conditions improve.

Detects Black Ice

Our Intelligent Ice Detection Sensor effectively safeguards roads against the invisible threat of black ice, particularly on bridges and overpasses, which tend to freeze sooner due to their exposed structure.

Ice Warning Components

"When the sensors are combined with other technologies to create [Intelligent Warning Systems], crash factors are significantly reduced, and safety is improved." 

-Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine

Case Study

A study on the use of ice detection sensors demonstrates their crucial role in enhancing winter road safety. These sensors, when integrated into our Flashing LED Sign Systems, significantly reduce crash factors and improve overall safety.

Case Study download

In The Field

Intelligent Beacons activated by a Wireless Fob allows municipalities control and flexibility.