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Push-2-Cross System

Push-2-Cross systems are engineered to enhance safety at mid-block crossings, where standard signage falls short. 

Case Study

"Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons are proven to reduce pedestrian related accidents up to 47%."

- Federal Highway Administration

A marked crosswalk or pedestrian warning sign can improve safety for pedestrians crossing the road, but at times may not be sufficient for drivers to visibly locate crossing locations and yield to pedestrians. 

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Push-2-Cross Components

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Push-2-Cross Solutions

Pedestrian Safety

At TraffiCalm, our commitment to Pedestrian Safety is unmatched. According to NHTSA, thousands of pedestrians are involved in traffic crashes every year. Our mission is to reduce these numbers and create safer environments for all road users.

School Zone Safety

Creating awareness around School Zone Safety is a top priority for TraffiCalm. As part of our commitment to improving school zone safety, we have developed specialized solutions tailored to the unique challenges of school areas.

In The Field

A Push-2-Cross system enables safe crossing at a mid-block crossing.