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Chevron Curve Warning

Multiple Chevrons in a single location are configured as one network and flash sequentially in the direction of traffic.


Unmatched Visibility

Our Chevrons ensure unparalleled visibility, with up to 1,000,000 millicandela of intensity. Depending on sign size, they incorporate 80 to 160 high-intensity amber LEDs, meeting FHWA standards.


2-channel logic allows systems operating on bi-directional roadways to work autonomously and independently of one another. Our intelligent mesh network allows up to 16 chevrons to be installed on a single curve.

Fail-Safe Design

Our Chevron LED plates, rated for 100,000 hours, boast durability and reliability. Knock-down sensors ensure continuous operation even if one units in the sequence is struck by a vehicle.

Easy Retrofit

Enhance delineation on curves, without replacing signage. Retrofits featuring 80 to 160 high-intensity amber LEDs, your Chevron Signs (W1-8) maintain their effectiveness without costly sign replacement.

A study done by the FHWA reveals an estimated reduction of up to 60% in fatal and injury crashes with the implementation of Sequential Dynamic Chevrons. 

-Federal Highway Association 


Case Study

This innovative solution offers traffic engineers a potent tool to enhance road safety in diverse settings, combining seamlessly with existing infrastructure to make our roadways safer.

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In The Field

Advanced detection sensors activate the sequentially flashing LED Chevrons.


Models & Specifications

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