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Speed Compliance

When an oncoming vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit, our Speed Compliance System activates the flashing LED ring.

Traffic Calming

Intelligent Warning

A speed compliance system configured with a Radar Speed Sign creates a unique flashing sequence based on the oncoming speed of the traffic.  The faster the incoming vehicle, the higher the flash rate.

Affordable Solution

A simple Flashing LED Ring, Solar Intelligent Controller, and Smart Radar is all that is needed for a speed compliance system.  This affordable new solution meets the traffic calming needs for most.

Speed Compliance Components

"A [radar speed sign] in combination with a regulatory speed sign provides direct and relevant information to the motorist using the roadway."

Case Study

Studies have consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of combining Radar Speed Signs with regulatory signage. Taking this a step further, our Speed Compliance System offers the ability to integrate a Flashing LED ring to provide a low-cost solution.

Case Study download

In The Field

Speed Compliance Systems help mitigate risks on blind corners.