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TraffiCalm Software

We provide a range of applications to setup and configure our traffic safety systems. Most of these applications are web-based and can be accessed from any device with WiFi connectivity

However, some applications require installation on a Windows-based system.

TC Connect

System: Flashing Sign Systems

Platform: Web Browser

Device: WiFi Enabled

 User Manualpicture_as_pdf 

TC-Connect links the display administrator or roadside technician to a TraffiCalm Flashing Sign System.

TC Speed Connect

System: Radar Speed Signs

Platform: Windows

Device: Bluetooth Enabled

Download Link

Release notes

Configure the display, including speed triggers, operation modes, schedules, diagnostics, data collection, and reporting.

Value Sign Simulator

System: Radar Speed Value Signs

Platform: Web Browser

Device: WiFi Enabled


Learn how to configure our Radar Speed Value Signs before going into the field.