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Shipping & Returns

Last updated: 10/19/2023

Returns Policy

1.1 Prompt Notifications
Upon encountering a product that deviates from the terms of the manufacturer's warranty, immediate notification is imperative. This provision is designed to ensure prompt issue resolution and the unalloyed satisfaction of the involved parties.

1.2 Return Procedure
Initiating the return process is contingent on the rigorous adherence to predefined protocols, assiduously engineered to facilitate the seamless execution of returns.

1.3 Product Return
In the eventuality of a warranty claim, we requisition your adherence to returning the product either to TraffiCalm Systems or to the manufacturer within a 30-day timeframe, starting from the point of identification of the alleged defect. Our commitment rests upon the swift and efficacious redressal of your grievances.

1.4 Prepaid Transportation
It is incumbent upon the concerned party to discharge the responsibility of the prepayment of all transportation charges associated with the return. This standard procedure is adopted to guarantee a consistent operational cadence.

1.5 Reimbursement for Transportation
Upon the successful receipt of the returned products, TraffiCalm Systems commits to a swift and accurate reimbursement of all transportation charges borne by the returning party. The intent behind this measure is to deliver an uncomplicated and expedited return experience.

1.6 Proper Packing
A pivotal component of the return process necessitates the judicious and secure packaging of the product in question. Adherence to this directive is vital for the maintenance of the returned product's integrity.

1.7 Custom Orders
Custom orders, being precisely tailored to specific individual requisites, are inherently exempted from the ambit of returns. This exception is founded upon the specialized nature of custom orders, and we duly solicit your comprehension in this regard.


2.1 Point of Shipment
The entirety of sales transactions is constructed upon the foundational principle of being designated as F.O.B. point of shipment. It is crucial to familiarize oneself with this delineation, as it delineates the subsequent obligations and liabilities in the context of the shipping process.

2.2 Shipment Method and Route
The method and route of shipment, by default, vest within the prerogative of TraffiCalm Systems. However, the onus of providing explicit shipping instructions rests with the consumer. It is our steadfast endeavor to present you with optimal and efficacious shipping alternatives.

2.3 Risk of Loss
The transference of the risk of loss occurs upon the consummation of delivery to the designated F.O.B. point. This juncture marks the legal transfer of responsibility pertaining to the shipped items.

2.4 Shipment Insurance
TraffiCalm Systems does not proffer insurance for shipments. Hence, the onus for such provisions is solely the concern of the parties involved, as it is not encapsulated within the purview of our standard shipping procedures.

2.5 Shipment Carriers
Our preferred carriers encompass entities of the ilk of Parcel Post, United Parcel Service (UPS), Air Express, and Air Freight. These carriers are meticulously chosen for their track record of expeditious and reliable delivery of your orders.

Should you require any additional shipping instructions or have questions about our Shipping & Returns policy, our customer support team is here to assist you. 

Your satisfaction is a priority, and we're dedicated to making your experience smooth and trouble-free.