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Conflict Intersection

Customize conflict intersections with our modular system, combining sensors, Flashing LED Rings, and Intelligent Beacons.

Mesh Network

Collaborative Sensors

Detection Sensors and Presence Sensors work together on a mesh network to warn traffic in each direction.  This gives accurate and timely warnings to motorists with limited visibility.

Unique Installations

The Conflict Intersection system can be utilized in several different scenarios.  It is often used in industrial work zones where commercial vehicles and heavy equipment pose a risk to cross-traffic.

"..results indicate statistically significant reductions at the 95-percent confidence level for all crash types"

-Federal Highway Administration

FHWA research on Conflict Intersection Warning Systems demonstrates their effectiveness, highlighting TraffiCalm's versatile modular system.

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Conflict Intersection Components

Features & Benefits

Intelligent Beacons

Intelligent Beacons, strategically positioned, deliver timely notifications to mainline traffic, enhancing safety and awareness at high-crash intersections.

Flashing LED Rings

Flashing LED Rings, powered by TraffiCalm radar sensors, proactively detect oncoming traffic, providing advance notification of non-signalized intersections.

Presence Sensors

Intelligent presence sensors are able to detect stationary traffic along secondary side roads. This gives drivers along the mainline advanced notification that cross-traffic may be entering.

In The Field

A radar sensor detects oncoming traffic and alerts motorists of a recreational pull-out on a blind corner.