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School Zone Safety

TraffiCalm offers a variety of proven solutions that reduce speeds and provide traffic calming in school zones.

Traffic Calming

Speed Zones

Radar Speed Signs help to slow traffic in areas where students and faculty are present during the school year.


School Zone Flashers and Push-2-Cross Systems help slow down traffic near busy crosswalks in school zones.

"Each day, an estimated 61 children in the U.S. are injured as pedestrians."

Case Study

An important study conducted by Safe Kids Worldwide sheds light on the state of pedestrian safety among children in the United States.  

The most significant finding is that teenagers are now at the greatest risk, with a death rate twice that of younger children. Distracted walking, likely due to electronic devices, presents a major concern.

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In The Field

Dual Flash

Maximize traffic calming in school zones with our Intelligent Beacons utilizing the industry standard Wig-Wag flash patterns.

Flashing LED Rings retrofit to the School Zone Speed Limit Sign, allowing seamless integration into Intelligent Beacon systems. This powerful combination ensures unparalleled visibility and serves as the optimal solution for traffic calming in school zones.

Our Solution

Radar Speed Signs

Radar Speed Signs provide exceptional awareness of the posted speed limit.


Push-2-Cross provides mid-block, pedestrian-controlled signaling to all drivers.


School Zone Flashers

School Zone Flashers with Flashing LED rings and beacons.

Radar Speed Signs

"The largest reduction in the estimated speed was noted in school zones."

A study conducted by the NHTSA highlighted the significant impact of Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs (DSFS) on reducing vehicle speeds in various settings. By utilizing radar triggered LED warnings, these signs serve as a cost-effective and reliable tool to enhance school zone safety and achieve substantial reductions in vehicle speeds.


Radar Speed Signs for School Zones


iQ900 Portable SignHigh Visibility Yellow 20Ah Battery with Key


iQ1200 Portable SignHigh Visibility Yellow 30Ah Battery with Key


9" Value Portable SignHigh Visibility Yellow 20Ah Battery with Key


12" Value Portable SignHigh Visibility Yellow 30Ah Battery with Key

Push-2-Cross System

"RRFB crossings inside or near school zones experience significantly higher yield rates."

An analysis by the Minnesota Department of Transportation revealed that RRFB systems significantly improve pedestrian safety in school zones. These cost-effective solutions deliver substantially higher yield rates, enhancing the safety of pedestrians effectively, especially in school environments.

Push-2-Cross Components

School Zone Flasher

"Following the installation of the new signs, average speeds were reduced by 9.3 percent."

An analysis of the flashing beacon signage demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in vehicle speeds during school hours. TraffiCalm's modular Intelligent Beacon Systems provide the flexibility to custom design each system to meet the unique needs of any school zone.


Case Study: Effectiveness of Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs Volume

This review analyzes the impact of Radar Speed Signs (RSS) in school zones, showing significant vehicle speed reductions and improved safety. Covering findings from 43 publications, it highlights RSS's effectiveness in decreasing speeds by an average of 3.21 mph, enhancing pedestrian safety, especially for children. The study offers crucial insights for traffic safety strategies, emphasizing RSS's vital role in creating safer school environments.

School Zone Flasher Components

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