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Radar Speed Signs

Radar Speed Signs are your first line of defense in calming traffic, a proven safety measure. Enforcing speed limits can be a challenging task when resources are limited.


Case Study

"Speed reductions--even minor ones--may reduce accidents and increase pedestrian safety."

- 3M Traffic Safety Systems

Our Radar Speed Signs have undergone rigorous third-party studies, demonstrating their efficacy in reducing average vehicle speeds.

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Choose the system that works best for you.

Value Series

  • Most cost effective traffic calming solution
  • Easy to use with Hand-Held IR Remote
  • 7-Segment LED module, accurately displays approaching vehicle speeds
  • Electronic digits will flash when speed limit is exceeded to alert speeding drivers to slow down
  • Can operate on 2 scheduled events per 24-hour period
  • Ruggedized metal cabinet for long life

Value Series Models

iQ Series

  • Full Matrix - Ideal for additional speed-triggered messages such as TOO FAST or SLOW DOWN
  • Highway Gothic font utilized for maximum visibility
  • Bluetooth equipped and compatible with TC-Speed Connect Software for laptops or Android Devices
  • Traffic and Speed Data Collection
  • Almost unlimited program schedules
  • Connection provisions for beacons, LED rings or other devices
  • Requires the purchase of either AC Power Supply or Solar Kit

IQ Series Models

Portable Series

  • Available in Value Series or iQ Series
  • Built-in battery and AC charger adapter included
  • 5-7 day run time on a single charge
  • AC battery charger included
  • Portable signs are battery powered and lightweight. They are designed to run 5-7 days, be moved around from pole to pole and to be recharged with the built-in AC charger
  • Ability to be moved to multiple locations: One Mounting Bracket included, additional Mounting Brackets for relocation are available and recommended

Portable Series Models

TC Mini Trailer

  • Available with the iQ1200 or iQ1500 radar speed sign (sold separately)
  • Self-contained compact trailer with 150 Ah batteries and 60 Watt Solar Panel
  • Solar panel stores flat over the sign for optimal skyward exposure for continuous charging of the battery
  • Includes an R1-1 Speed Limit Sign with changeable number placards
  • Easy to move around

TC Mini Trailer Components

Choose the Solar Kit for your region.

Consult with our project design team to help calculate solar usage in your area.

Radar Speed Sign Solar Kits


Solar South Kit 60W Solar Panel 35Ah Battery Battery Box Wiring/Conduit


Solar Central Kit 100W Solar Panel 70Ah Battery Battery Box Wiring/Conduit


Solar North Kit 150W Solar Panel 140Ah Battery Battery Box Wiring/Conduit

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Using Radar Speed Signs to Protect Hospitals

Vulnerable Pedestrians

One of the areas with the most vulnerable pedestrians is hospital parking lots. With patients coming in and out, many of them in states of extreme anguish and moving slowly, the the potential for accidents increases.