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TraffiCalm Partners

United with our trusted industry partners, we are enhancing traffic safety through shared expertise and commitment.

Meet our Trusted Partners!

TraffiCalm has partnered with Pelco and Novax to offer turnkey solutions for the traffic safety sector.

Pelco Products

Pelco Products is at the forefront of traffic safety, specializing in advanced traffic signaling hardware. Their commitment to road safety and efficient traffic management complements our goals perfectly. Together, our partnership leverages Pelco's innovative technologies and our expertise to deliver superior traffic safety solutions, making streets safer for all.

Novax Industries

Novax Industries, renowned for their advanced push buttons for intelligent crosswalk systems, aligns seamlessly with our dedication to smarter, safer roads. Their expertise in this niche area complements our broader traffic safety mission. Together, we're enhancing pedestrian safety and traffic efficiency, demonstrating our shared commitment to innovative, user-friendly traffic control solutions.