Our Commitment

Being a company of families, TraffiCalm is committed to advancing roadway  calmness with the innovation of cutting edge technology. We believe all drivers play a role in diminishing the risk to our neighbors on the roads we share. Engineering and building accessible products to inform and assist drivers is our mission and honor.

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TraffiCalm Building

Who Is TraffiCalm?

Under a private label agreement, our parent company manufactured the first radar speed signs for 3M Traffic Safety Systems in 2001. And our team, which has been together for two decades, has since continued the responsibility of designing practical, affordable, and reliable traffic control solutions.
We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and quality. Our engineering team is dedicated to designing cost-effective solutions, with the end result of fabricating radar speed signs and variable speed limit signs that withstand adverse conditions, deliver results above and beyond required government certifications, and exemplify efficiency.
From neighborhoods to educational corridors, from work zones to highways, we are committed to protecting drivers, road workers, pedestrians and property. Our dedication to safety and quality encourages us to instill excellence into everything we do. Every circuit we solder, every email we send, and every radar speed sign we ship is another road made safer.
At TraffiCalm, we seek to provide ideal solutions to your traffic challenges, from finding the right traffic calming product, to helping you gain funding for implementing traffic calming measures, to even recommending installation contractors for your region.

Why TraffiCalm?

  • UL/ULC listed products available
  • ISO:9001 Certified USA based manufacturing facility
  • All signs 100% MUTCD compliant
  • Vandal resistant designs
  • Broadest range of sizes and options in the industry
  • Industry leading turnaround from order to delivery
  • Unlimited tech support and customer service from our  USA facility
  • Industry Pioneers in Radar Speed Sign Technology

Meet Our Team

<strong>John <br /> Ragan</strong>
Company President
As President of Trafficalm Systems, John oversees the operation in its entirety. His passion is the products but Johns pride is in the acquired team of dedicated and industry-trained employees that make up the Company.
<strong>Dan <br /> Skites</strong>
VP of Business Development
With more than 25 years’ experience in ITS and business leadership, Dan’s career is built on leveraging technology on the roadway. Dan stays safe on the roads by leaving ample space between himself and the cars around him.
<strong>Karen <br /> Hentemann</strong>
Southwest Sales Manager
With more than 36 years’ experience in the traffic industry, Karen’s career has been a shining example of passion for the community. Her many accolades include having been recognized with the FHWA’s 1st Private Citizen Award for providing Certified Lifesaver Training! Karen stays safe on the road by emphasizing intentional awareness of speed, traffic, and road conditions
<strong>Mary <br /> Beaty</strong>
Midwest Sales Manager
With over 15 years’ experience in sales, Mary works tirelessly to be her client’s greatest asset. Mary stays safe on the roads by always being a good example for “little eyes” – wearing a seat belt and putting down the phone set a good example for her family.

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<strong>Ron <br /> Detwiler</strong>
Southeast Sales Manager
<strong>Adam <br /> Goyen</strong>
Northwest Sales Manager
<strong>Penny <br /> Byers</strong>
Customer Service Manager
<strong>Lee <br /> Martenson</strong>
Service and Support Manager
<strong>Andy <br /> Pedersen</strong>
Marketing Manager
<strong>Ken <br /> Cummings</strong>
Lead Engineer
<strong>Lee <br /> Swearingen</strong>
Quality Manager
<strong>Christina <Br> Ragan</strong>
Social Media Manager
<strong>Angelica <Br> Goyen</strong>
Marketing & Sales Administration
<strong>Kevin <br /> Hansen</strong>
Regional Factory Representative