School Zone safety

Of all road scenarios, School Zones are required to ensure the safety of children.  While class is in session, drivers are responsible for maintaining safety and awareness on the streets surrounding schools.

Keeping children safe at school is one of the highest concerns we have as parents, teachers, administrators, and as an industry. With proper planning and implementation, technology can be used that puts children’s safety at the forefront of driving through a school zone. TraffiCalm’s School Zone makes a safe route to and from school, every day.

TraffiCalm proposes three solutions designed to ensure every trip to school is safe

School Zone safety rrfb mutcd

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 TraffiCalm™ Flashing Sign Systems provide an unprecedented approach to slowing speeding drivers. The controller receives input from a user-generated schedule, an optional radar, or a combination of both to provide active LED flashing of the existing regulatory speed sign. The Basic Controller provides exceptional variability of blinking patterns and speed threshold settings, all from any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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Driver Feedback Signs have proven over and again that speeding violations can be reduced with non-invasive technology. Schools are the perfect match for what Driver Feedback can accomplish; improve compliance among otherwise reasonable drivers.

TraffiCalm™ Driver Feedback Signs come in many sizes and feature sets, all providing the most reliable, most rugged, most trusted solution in the market.

Pair any of our Driver Feedback Signs with the perfect TraffiCalm™ power supply (Solar, battery, or AC) and you have the quickest path to slowing drivers down, day in and day out.

Improving on the industry standard, Push2Cross takes pedestrian activated signage one step further. Combining the proven effectiveness of the RRFB (rectangular rapid flashing beacon) and SignAlert™ enhancements produces a solution that is easy to implement and highly effective.

Our in-house RRFB is the most rugged design in existence, no other system can boast our reliability. Whether arctic cold or egg frying hot, run over by a truck or left in a swimming pool, the TraffiCalm™ RRFB won’t quit.

The core of the system, SignAlert™, does what it does best, intuitive configuration and flexibility precipitate value that has to be experienced to be believed.

School Zone advanced Safety system

Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS) is a federal grant made available to elementary and middle schools for the purpose of providing roadway and school zone safety measures that do include traffic calming devices such as driver feedback signs.  Check out Safe Routes for more information.

TraffiCalm’s knowledgeable sales team can help you navigate the Safe Routes to School granting process. Send us a request for a consultation with the form.

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Push2Cross is an MUTCD compliant solution for safe pedestrian crossing and is perfect for Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets, or for Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing applications.

Push2Cross utilizes TC Connect WiFi, a WiFi connection platform developed by TraffiCalm that requires NO Internet Connection!  With any browser-enabled device, the user can select from multiple options and settings.


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Kids in crosswalk

Many drivers, whether distracted or unaware, tend to breeze right through school zones without really realizing they are driving large vehicles in close proximity to small children.  The number one rule to remember about school zones.  “You must be aware of them”.



Flashing Sign Systems with 30″ , 36″  S1-1 Ped Crossing

Available in Basic or Advanced Systems

S1-1 - Flasher ONLYOrder as a completed sign or simply order the easy to install Flasher Ring that lets you “keep your sign”.

Flashing Sign Systems  with 30″ , 36″ or 48″ W11-2 Ped Crossing

Available in Basic or Advanced Systems

Ped Crossing - Flasher ONLYOrder as a completed sign or simply order the easy to install Flasher Ring that lets you “keep your sign”.

School Zone advanced Safety system

Flashing Sign Systems with 30″, 36″ or 48″ S4-5a Sign

Available in Basic or Advanced Systems

Ped Crossing - Flasher ONLYOrder as a completed sign or simply order the easy to install Flasher Ring that lets you “keep your sign”.

Schools Prefer These Sizes of Driver Feedback Sizes

iQ900 Driver Feedback Sign

iQ1200 Driver Feedback Sign

iQ1500 Driver Feedback Sign