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Keeping Traffic Calm In Work Areas

Where To Start

It is always important to keep traffic carefully controlled in work zones and when it comes to speed signs, the best place to begin is right at the beginning. Several studies have shown that having drivers slow down before the arrive at the area where workers and equipment are is a major piece in the battle to keep traffic slow throughout the zone.

A Quality Company

When you are looking for the right choice in variable speed signs and speed display signs, there is only one choice. TraffiCalm is an ITAR complaint whose products and concepts have been proven effective through the research of groups like ITS and ITE. TraffiCalm is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and every product they make is designed to decrease the chances of accidents and collisions.

TraffiCalm a member of the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) and the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) both of whom are strong organizations, committed to increasing public safety and bringing peace of mind to drivers everywhere. So you know that when you buy a TraffiCalm sign, you are getting a product tested and shown to be effective.

Making Work Zones Safe

As drivers approach a work zone, the first thing they should do is to begin to slow down. Unfortunately, this is not always the reaction. In order to reduce speeds and cut down on the chances of a collision, a variable speed sign can be erected a little ways before the construction zone. This way drivers are given warning and clear instruction to slow down, making things safer for those working and those behind the wheel.

Variable Speed Signs

One of the nicest features about variable speed signs is the ability to change the speeds to fit the time of day. During work hours the speed limit can be kept lower in order to protect the workers. But when the day is done and the workers are going home, the speed can be changed over a Bluetooth connection. These speed signs have many advantages but one of the biggest ones is that they are dynamic rather than static. Static speed signs are easy to ignore, being stationary and unchanging. Dynamic speed signs on the other hand are almost impossible to ignore. The large LED displays can easily grab a driver's attention.

Decreasing Risks

Work zones can often be dangerous places but with TraffiCalm speed signs, the dangers can become less. Both those who are on the ground working and those passing them on the street will enjoy the benefits of a speed sign that gives warning and helps caution drivers to go slow and watch out. The work zone can become a safer place thanks to TraffiCalm.