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Making Construction Zones Safer with Speed Signs


A changeable message sign mounted to a mobile speed enforcement vehicle.  This technology allows the radar to 

accurately detect speeds while in motion.The Risks of Construction Zones

  According to statistics, most construction zone accidents that involve through traffic happen in the space where cars are changing from the higher speeds to lower speeds. Some lanes end in these transition areas and these shifts can create dangers for drivers. Unfortunately, some drivers don't slow down and end up making sudden stops. This can lead to accidents involving other drivers and sometimes even construction workers.

Keeping the Traffic Calm

  One of the best ways to calm traffic is by using radar speed signs. These signs have been shown to cut down speeding traffic, helping to slow drivers. But even putting their unique effect aside, these signs have other pros. TraffiCalm's radar speed signs help keep drivers attentive. The full LED display that lights up is easily noticeable. When drivers become aware of their speed, their first instinct is to slow down, helping to keep the area safer. Other distractions, texting, changing the radio, doing makeup will be paused when a driver notices an illuminated sign displaying his or her speed. These signs not only draw attention to themselves, they give useful feedback that has been shown to slow drivers.

TraffiCalm Official

  Putting one of the TraffiCalm signs at a transition zone can make an enormous difference. These signs will cause drivers to slow down, making the zone safer for driver and workers and helping to reduce abrupt stops. The reflective surface and illuminated LED display makes these signs easily visible day or night. TraffiCalm signs are made to be easily recognizable as official so drivers will follow the speeds they display.

Protecting Drivers and Workers

  Both workers and drivers are protected with these signs. By reducing speeds and helping drivers to be cautious, these signs can truly make a difference. The dangers are real, accidents and crashes can be damaging and sometimes fatal. Everything that can be done to protect the lives of those who work or pass construction zones ought to be done. Just installing one of these signs could save precious lives, contact TraffiCalm Systems today for more information about keeping construction workers and drivers safe.