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Protect Kids in Your Neighborhood with Driver Feedback Signs

Traffic calming techniques have several purposes, including improving traffic flow and lessening congestion.  

The main reason for traffic calming measures like driver feedback signs, however, is to prevent accidents and save lives. If traffic is a problem or a potential problem where you and your family live, the addition of driver feedback signs can help keeps the kids in your community safer.

  The American Journal of Public Health found that children who live near traffic calming devices were a full 50% less likely to be hit by a car in their neighborhood than kids who live in areas without them. So by installing radar speed signs in your community, you're cutting all the children's risks of being hit and injured by half. This is a remarkable benefit that goes far beyond better traffic flow.

MUTCD Traffic Signs and Child Safety

  The study went even further, and found that kids who live within a block of a traffic calming device have even lower odds of being hit. Their risk of injury or death by automobile dropped by up to 60%. Neighborhoods with children really owe it to themselves to look into the possibility of using things like driver feedback signs, even if used along with other devices, to slow traffic and make the streets safer.

  While the signs alone can drastically reduce traffic speed and the risk of accidents, signs used in conjunction with a police presence, rumble strips, visible radar or other measures can be even more effective. TraffiCalm also offers a 9 inch full-matrix radar speed sign that gives you the option of using a SLOW DOWN message, as well as emoticons to communicate to the drivers whether they're above or below the speed limit.

Crime and Child Safety

  The use of traffic calming devices has also been found to deter crime. This can be a real benefit in a busy neighborhood, especially where many children are often outdoors playing. The presence of radar speed signs often gives people the impression that the police may be alerted by speeding, and that there may simply be a larger police presence, cameras or other devices in the area.

  Thieves fearing capture as they try to hurry away from the scene will more likely choose an area where there are no such signs. This may hold true for people who commit violent crimes like murderers, rapists and child predators, too. The more a criminal believes an area is closely monitored, the less likely he'll be to strike there.

  TraffiCalm's signs are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility for quality and consistency. The signs are affordable, easy-maintenance and proven effective. Contact us today to find how you and other parents can work with your local government to get these signs in your neighborhood.