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Radar Speed Signs are Important for Keeping Roads Safe

Driver Reactions

Whenever we see a dynamic speed sign we tend to find ourselves slowing down, even if we were already traveling under the speed limit. It is typical to do this without even thinking, slowing down when faced with a dynamic warning causes an automatic reaction. These driving instincts also come into play whenever we see a police car. But studies have actually shown that of the two, drive feedback speed signs are actually more effective because they can be placed right in front of drivers to provide instant feedback.

The Danger

Static speed sigs can often have a good effect on drivers, causing those who exit faster moving to slower moving traffic zones to react accordingly and change their speed. However, the attention of an preoccupied driver can be hard to catch. Makeup applications, phone calls, or even just changing the radio can be a possible distraction that could cause an inattentive driver to lose track of the speed zone they are in. Schools areas can be particularly troublesome because of the abrupt and sometimes drastic change in speeds.

TraffiCalm Speed Signs

Traffic calming is important but too often we rely simply on the so familiar static speed limit signs already posted. This is a dangerous frame of mind because there is no allowance for special circumstances. Static speed signs are wonderful tools but in areas like school zones they can be inadequate. But where ordinary speed limit sings fail, TraffiCalm's Full Matrix speed signs can succeed. With a 9” LED display that can display both driver speeds and messages to alert travelers, these signs are the latest from the minds as TraffiCalm.

Making an Impact

When a driver sees his or her speed displayed on a TraffiCalm speed sign they become instantly more aware of their own driving. The uniqueness of the signs and the illuminated display can easily draw a driver's attention, making them think more cautiously about their own driving style. These signs can be placed almost anywhere, helping to keep unruly traffic under control. It might not seem important but just a few of TraffiCalm's Full Matrix speed signs can make all the difference when trying to protect yourself and those around you.