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Radar Speed Signs in Industrial Areas

The Dangers

Every kind of industrial area can have potential dangers. 

The use of heavy equipment, explosive or flammable substances, weighty construction materials, cutting and welding tools that are used on a daily basis, all these things can be hazards that most people don't experience in their day to day lives. But to add to the normal dangers there is also the possibility of crashes and the risks become staggering. Taking action to prevent crashes and collisions in industrial areas is important. With vehicles like forklifts and bulldozers moving from place to place, not to mention trucks full of construction materials or tools, keeping traffic moving slowly and carefully is essential.

Keeping Industrial Traffic Calm

Whenever we think of dangerous traffic areas, our minds generally jump to busy intersections and crowded highways. Most of us would think that traffic like bulldozers and forklifts would need to be slowed, but these are sometimes the places that need it the most. When considering the dangers of a vehicle used for industrial purpose, excessive speed would probably not be the first thing that came to mind.

Potential Threats

It may not seem like a huge danger, but the amount of damage caused by an industrial vehicle traveling too quickly can be catastrophic. If a forklift carrying a load tumbles into a ditch or has a collision with another vehicle things can get very ugly very quickly. Often these vehicles have poor visibility and traveling too quickly with little range of sight can be a recipe for disaster. Even an experienced operator can end up driving too quickly, perhaps because of a distraction or perhaps because they feel comfortable in the area where they are working. This can be the first step towards a crash that could damage thousands of dollars worth of equipment and even claim lives.

Variable Speed Signs

Collisions and crashes can happen anywhere, but the places where it is important to focus are the areas where the crashes cause the most potential to do heavy damage. In areas like industrial work zones, with dangerous materials and pedestrians walking alongside vehicles, the risks are even greater. TraffiCalm's variable speed signs can help make these areas safer for the ground workers and vehicle operators. Areas with slow moving traffic may not seem like the place to watch for traffic accidents but these are the areas where even just a small crash can cause irreparable damage. Help by making these work zones safer with TraffiCalm speed signs.